What are some ways to help dilation?

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Hi i am a mom of soon to be four. I am 37 weeks but before anyone jumps on me for wanting to dilate faster i will give you the reason as to Why i need help along.

I have had a preemie before, my last daughter was born at 34-6 and had to spend two weeks in the NICU so i know about babies being born before 40 weeks.

OK here is my story. When i was 18 weeks along i was put on bed rest and had to quit my job due to preclampsia / gestational diabetes. So have been at home through almost all of my pregnancy. Things were not the greatest i have had a lot of swelling and pain. Well at 32 weeks i went into preterm labor and was hooked up to IV's with a magnesium pump and shipped by ambulance two hours away to a larger hospital. The OU Medical center for critical women and newborns. same NICU that my daughter was in. And BTW ambulances need better shocks that was THE bumpiest ride i ever had. The OU medical was able to stop my cervix from dilating (4cm at the time) and was able to slow my contractions. I ended up having a two week stay there and had my labor stopped twice in that time. When i was 34 weeks i was able to go home to be allowed to deliver my baby at my home hospital. The next day after being home i was back in out hospital where they had to stop my labor i was 5cm dilated, 25% effaced and baby was at 0 station. Well during the next two weeks i had my labor stopped five more times. until my doctor said enough was enough that he would just let my labor go since i have been in so much pain and i have already had shot after steroid shot to mature my babies lungs (by the ultrasound she is between 7 & 8 lbs already). I was 5cm dilated 75% effaced and baby was at +1 last week. But because of the hospital policy's my doctor is not allowed to induce until 2 days before my due date. He is also not allowed to give me home induction advice but he did tell me that he could say yes or no to something if i happened to find something online.

i have had non- stop contractions 4-5 min apart since i was 32 weeks but the contraction are not dilating my cervix, I already lost my plug and my doctor is baffled as to why i have not had this baby yet. There is no logical reason as to why my cervix is not dilating. IF i am not able to get my cervix to dilate any further then on the 26th of this month i will have to have a C-section. I am deathly scared of C-sections since my best friend / cousin almost died when a doctor (not mine) left a part of a sponge in her. (yes that doctor who did that is the ONLY other OB in this town and is still practicing) I am also in a ton of pain and my OB can not give me anything for it because i have to know when the contraction get stronger. Right now the contractions are 4-5 min apart, lasting between 45 - 60 seconds. I am as of yesterday 5cm dilated 100% effaced and baby is at +2 (yes +2 i questioned what i heard and the baby's head can easily be felt. Right now they only way the hospital would let me stay is if i dilate to a 6 or if my water breaks and my water has never broken on it's own before being as it is to Tough.

I know a lot of you will just tell me to wait it out but i am in so much pain right now. It's not uncommon for me to cry out in pain when the baby moves. I also had to split my children up between family member because i can not take care of them. I can't even really take care of myself that well right now. My hubs works overnights and needs to sleep during the day so he can't take care of the kids (ages 7, 3,&2 ) I miss my family and just want it whole again.

The past week i have tried Black Cohosh (Dr. said NO to blue Cohosh), raspberry leaf tea (yuck but i suck it down daily), Evening primrose oil both swallowed and vaginally, castor oil (made me throw up) fresh pineapple (eat it daily i LOVE it) and juice, walking (leaves me screaming in pain) relations with the hubs (he likes that part) but nothing seems to work. IF anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am safe about things and will run them by my OB BEFORE i try them. I have the Ok from my OB to try to get my cervix to work for me. He knows and sees how much pain i am in but because of policy he can't induce me because the baby is doing fine. Please if anyone could help, I am not just a women who is "done with being pregnant" because i have seen first hand the tragedy of babies being born early. This is not to be taken lightly.

I just want the pain to end and i want my family to be whole again. Imagine if you would being in labor for 5 weeks and have no progress.


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OK, you have mentioned all the natural and herbal methods I am aware of except for one. Have you tried nipple stimulation? I know this may sound strange, but it is supposed to release the same hormone that happens during labor to dilate the cervix. Like you said, sex is another natural way as the semen has a similar hormone that is supposed to thin out the cervix... I hate to hear you have been in labor this long already and when they stop trying to stop it that nothing is happening. I would try drinking lots of water too, maybe some of the medicine they gave you to stop labor is still in your system... I truly hope you find some relief soon. I dont know if your doctor would recommend a hot bath with your baby so far down, but it may help relax you. Also maybe positioning yourself in an all fours type of position may help the labor along too. It works with gravity, helps reduce pressure on you and allows your baby to move further down assisting in dilation... One other thing I just thought of is massaging the pressure points in your ankles, feet and hands, this supposedly helps too...

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