what are the recommended iteams to get first for an unborn child?

Tsichengisiwe - posted on 10/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




what are the first things i can get for my urborn baby?


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Sandra - posted on 10/05/2012




Well you definitely would want to buy a travel system. something for the baby to sleep in i would most likely recommend an all in one play-yard i got the Eddie Bauer all in one play yard Winston for my son its got a changing thing, a music, sounds and vibration thing, pockets for diapers and what not, and a little canopy. he loves it but he also sleeps with me. you would also want to get a baby swing! they are a life saver, i got the my little lamb platinum edition with the lights and he loves staring and cooing at the lights when he is cranky and crying all you need to do is put him/her in a swing and there will be sudden silence. and if you dont want a swing then get a bouncer that vibrates and plays music. pacifiers i would recommend the gumdrop ones. bottles even if you are still breastfeeding becuase you need to take some on the go with you if you leave. clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets (and swaddle ones if you dont know how to do it) a baby bath tub, wash cloths, baby powerd, baby lotion, diaper cream, baby wash and shampoo, baby oil. some baby toys (mostly ones that light up and play music and if you can find any that vibrate) a baby monitor if you dont feel like taking your baby everywhere you go but i dont mind doing it its actually a nice thing to have someone always with you. a tummy time mat my son has the one with the piano and mirror he loves looking at himself and kicking a piano and hearing the music and looking at the lights. a baby book is a must have! a diaper pail if you want one but the diapers dont really stink so you dont really need one till later. scrub brush for the bottles maybe a drying rack and a baby bottle and baby wipe warmer, must buy DREFT baby laundry detergent and if you want all the cleaning supplies for DREFT. hand and feet ink or molds. teething nighttime and day time orajel, gas drops, fever and pain medicine, a air purifier and a humidifier. theres more i could tell you but this should help

Ashley - posted on 10/04/2012




Essential baby items: A car seat, somewhere for the baby to sleep (crib or basinet), clothing, diapers (disposable or cloth), wipes, bottles (breastfeeding or not you may need to supplement with formula so its a good idea to at least have a few on hand), blankets (don't have to buy any special ones, just have to be able to wrap the baby up due to them not being able to regulate their own body temperature at first), daiper rash cream or petroleum jelly, baby powder, and bathing supplies (gentle formula items that won't irritate the babies skin). These are most of the essentials I think. I hope I didn't forget anything.

Other stuff is nice to have too, but since you were looking for essentials I didn't mention them. But you may want to think about things like a bouncer or swing... We loved my daughters bouncer as it kept her calm but we could still play with her and have her in the room with us. A baby monitor for the times that your baby is sleeping in another room so you can at least hear when they wake up. Other items you may want to consider: pacifiers, diaper trash can, baby bath tub, cleaning set for the bottles, drying rack for baby items, formula, memory book, photo frames, hand/ foot mold, sun shades for the windows of the car, mirror to see baby in the car, gas relief drops, teething drops or tablets, other medical items, baby oil, crib bedding (at least the basics like a fitted sheet, quilt and bumpers), changing table, stroller, etc.

Amy - posted on 10/03/2012




You'll want a car seat, someplace for the baby to sleep if you aren't going to co-sleep so a crib or bassinet, I couldn't of survived without my vibrating bouncer seat. If you are going to bottle feed then you will want bottles.

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