What did your contractions feel like early on?

ALICIA - posted on 08/09/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am due in 3 days with my little girl and Friday my midwife swept my membranes and said it may or may not help the labor process. Saturday I think I lost at least part of my mucus plug/bloody show throughout the day and of course have been crampy which she said would happen. A couple times my abdomen got hard and I had a sharp pain in my pelvic area but it never lasted very long and has only happened a couple times since Friday. As this is my first pregnancy and I know everyone is different.....just curious as to what everyone else's contractions when they first started felt like and where?? I'm antsy for my little girl to be here and to not be pregnant anymore cause I'm miserable lol


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Jytte-Marie - posted on 08/09/2010




From what I hear, contractions feel very sharp.
They can even feel like super strong menstrual cramps and you feel tight in your back and stomach.

I'm 5 days over due with my baby and I haven't had any contractions.
This is my first pregnancy and I'm a little worried that I could be having contractions without realizing it, as it's not uncommon to experience that as well.

It sounds like your body is on the right track for getting ready to pop out your little bun :)
Hope things go smoothly for you!

Tina - posted on 08/09/2010




with my first one, my contractions just started.. they were very distintive, a sharp pain right in my pelvic area, and they were very steady.. started at 15 mins apart, then went to10 min, 7 min, then 5 min .. that's when I went to the hospital and was dilated to 6. With my second I had preterm labor, which started out as a really bad backache, then after a while I started have the same sharp pains in my pelvic area. With those two I never had braxton hicks or anything though. I'm on my third and at 39 weeks all I have had is braxton hicks.. very irregular and just a tightening in my abdomen. My doc says that if they get regular and 5-7 mins apart, then thats when to come in. Yeah every women is different.. but, I think ya kind of know when it happens.. at least I did :) good luck!

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hi i am also a first time mom i just had my baby 8 days ago. i had to go to the hospital a couple of times because of preterm labor and when i had my contractions for that and all the way up until the day i went into labor, my contractions felt like my stomach got super super hard and i felt like someone was sitting on my chest like i could barely breath. but the day i went into labor i woke up at 1 in the morning and when i would have my contractions i felt crampy like on my period and some of those times my stomach felt crampy and my back and hips felt crampy and tight and than when the contractions were over i felt fine but everytime i had a contraction thats what it felt like so i knew that they were "real" contractions and also i didnt lose my mucus plug until that day at 1 am and than later at 5 am hope this helps and good luck!

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