what should I expect I have had 3 premature births before this pregnan

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I'm 26 weeks dilated to 2 75% -3 was the last time they checked me about 3/4 days ago I cramp literally all day long and I have had 3 premature babies already have this happened to anybody if so how long will it take for her to come? And her head is facing down but was breach in my last ultra sound


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I am currently pregnant with my first baby so I haven't had the premature births that you have. However, I have had issues with pre-term labor and a shortened cervix throughout this pregnancy. I have been on bed rest for quite awhile now and have been in the hospital a few times. Have you gone to the hospital when you've had cramping? You're right around viability so you really should. They gave me a medication called Indocin when I was contracting that stopped the contractions. Also, they can offer something called a cervical cerclage which is basically just a tie-string that goes around your cervix to hold it shut if it's opening pre-maturely. I would contact your doctor right away and ask....

Why is my labor starting early? Do we need to check for infections, etc?
Can we do a medication/bed rest to stop the contractions?
Is cervical cerclage an option for me?
Is my baby healthy (therefore would he/she survive in the NICU if born now)?

You'll need to know what your options are in order to make an informed decision.

Good luck!!

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