when did you start telling people you were pregnant?

Brianna - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Im just debating about when to announce that im pregnant. with my first i waited till 2 1/2 months pregnant. Im gonna be 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd on xmas and thought it would be a good time to tell the family but im just wondering if its to soon. I know my mother is a big believer in waiting till ur done your first trimester because before i was born she had a miscarriage and she had told people that she was pregnant and then it was really hard when people would ask about the pregnancy and she have to tell them that she lost it.

so I guess the main question here is do you think its best to annouce that your pregnant right away or wait till ur about done the first trimester?


Stifler's - posted on 12/26/2010




I was like 6 weeks with the first and 4 with the second. I can't wait, I'm too excited when I get pregnant to wait lol the danger zone is until 16 weeks and I'm not ever going to be able to wait that long!!


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Shana - posted on 12/21/2010




i think when your comfortable is best having said that I have never suffered the tragic loss of a baby
My 1st I was in high school and although we knew early on we didnt tell any family til I was nearly 4months along at this point we told teachers a t school for health reasons and confirmed rumours at 6months (we waited til I turned 18 as my father is very controlling and being at a catholic school, they asked us to wait til after graduation which we did)
#2) we told family and friends after 12weeks as my MIL is a believer of wait the first term out
#3) we told at 8weeks - long story short but it was supected i had other health issues and it turned out to our 3rd baby
#4) we told at 4weeks with very heavy hearts, my sister in law had miscarried and we where due at similar times. My hubby thought it was better to be open and honest with her straight away - i would have waited but let him do it - to this day I am still unsure if it was th right thing to do but he feels it was and she is his sister.
#5) as soon as the home test was positive we told our parents - turned out to be about 10weeks

Amanda - posted on 12/16/2010




With my first, who is not 14 months old, we didn't even find out until we were 12 weeks along! We were so scared and unsure. We had an ultrasound at 16 weeks. We told both families by about 20 weeks! :) We are currently 9 weeks along, and I was hoping to tell people at Christmas, but out ultrasound isn't until next month, so we are waiting. We just want to make sure things are okay. I think it would be so hard to tell people and then have to explain if something happened, but maybe I am just selfish.

Jennifer - posted on 12/16/2010




We also suffered a miscarraige before our son. So with our son we waited until I was 12 weeks..With our second pregnancy (now) we waited until 14 weeks because we wanted to be in the 2nd trimester and it also worked out so we could tell everyone in person on Thanksgiving Day. Now almost 18 weeks and EVERYONE knows haha.
I'm a firm believer in waiting, but its a hard secret to keep!!

Brooke - posted on 12/15/2010




My first, I was still at school and the news leaked. I was only 6 weeks. * weeks later I found out I had had a missed miscarriage. A month later and no longer at school due to compliactions after surgery, I was pregnant again. We waited until I was 12-14 weeks to tell close family. I was 17/18 weeks when all our friends and distant family found out.
Now I told my boss at 8 weeks as I am an aged care nurse and some work is just not appropriate for me. After my ultrasound at 10 weeks I told my MIL. Now at 14 weeks, only some close family know, fiances parents and siblings and my work.
We like the secret!

Amy - posted on 12/15/2010




My first pregnancy we announced to friends at 11 weeks, the next week I learned that I lost the baby. It was so difficult to share that info with everyone. My second pregnancy ended in miscarriage again at 6 weeks and only our parents and a couple of special prayer warriors knew. With my daughter we waited until the first trimester was complete, and she is a beautiful 17 month old! With this one, I have told my mom, and two friends to cover me in prayer. I'm thinking we'll tell my husband's parents at Christmas. I will have had an ultrasound by then, and believing that we will see a heart beating perfectly we may go ahead and tell others. It's really just when you feel comfortable!

Emilie - posted on 12/14/2010




my daughter, i was already 14weeks, so told everybody straight away. With my 2nd child, i was 4 weeks. felt very uneasy telling people that i was pregnant, was so afraid i might lose her then have2 explain it 2 people. But thankfully, everything is working out great so far. So the choice is reaally up2 you, tell those you trust will support you through anything and everything, IF something were 2 happen.

Good luck with the pregnancy.

Sharon - posted on 12/14/2010




Whenever you feel comfortable.
For our first pregnancy we didn't tell a sole, and at 10.5wks I miscarried. We were at a family Christmas event when the miscarriage was going on so I told my immediate family then.
For my son, we told everyone straight away (from 3wks 5days), we now have a healthy 13mth old.
For this pregnancy we told immediate family straight away (3wks 4days), but no friends until 13wks. no reason, just thought we'd wait.

If something bad was to happen would you be ok with people knowing what you were going through? For me it was alot easier being able to talk about it.

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