Where did you feel the first baby movements?

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When i was pregnant with my daughters i felt the first movement around the belly button. But this time around i'm feeling movement about 2 inches above my pubic bone. Is this normal? Why's it so low down? Please help. thx


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Have you heard that little saying, when you carry high it's a girl when you carry low it's a boy. I don't know how true that could be, but my babes was a "low-kicker" at the beginning I think...and it's looking like babes is a boy. I think any movement is normal movement! lol Congratulations by the way!


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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm 19weeks now. This is my third pregnancy. And i'm still feeling the kicks low down. Now they are like little "flicks" on the inside. I suppose any movement is good right, so i should stop stressing. I hope it's true that boys are carried low. Then this is a good sign. We are hopeing for a boy. :-)

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I feel my baby really, really low. I'm pretty sure it's absolutely normal. This is my second and I started to feel movements at 15 weeks, so of course those small kicks were low, but now at 20 wks they are still really low (right above my bone). My son was a low baby too, at 30 weeks the OB couldn't reach my cervix b/c his head was so low! Don't worry you baby boo is fine!!

Libby - posted on 03/13/2009




For me I'd say my first movements were between my belly button and pubic bone.  Probably the same spot you are feelin it.  How far along are you?  If you're early on (16-18 weeks or so) then the baby is still pretty low.  Since this is your 2nd pregnancy you are probably more aware of the early movements that are lower.  I know I was my 3rd pregnancy.  I felt my daughter move way earlier than my boys, I'd say around 16-17 weeks.  Unfortunately I lost her at 20 weeks, so I never got go feel the stronger movement and kicks.  But I am pregnant again, at 9 weeks, and am so looking forward to feeling this one move in a couple of months.  Good luck!!

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