Why do i have pregnancy symptoms with neg tests

Karen - posted on 06/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




may 11 was my last normal period. We had sex on my fertile days.May is the first month we decided to try to get pg. took 4 pg tests before my period. All neg. Thought I had a urine infection cause of freq urination so I saw a doc who said I do not have an infection but did have some yeast. Their pg test was neg. Got my period june 8 which was right on time. It was heavy June 8,9,10. June 11 it was brown. June 12 it was gone. This is very unusual for me. During my period I had period cramps which I still have today. My stomach also has some pain which comes and goes on the right and left side of my abdomen. Took 4 pg tests after my period. All neg. Took 3 more 4 days later and they were faintly positive. This was 8 days after my period ended that they were faintly positive. Went to my doctor and their test said neg. She did her exam and felt inside and asked if certain things she did hurt and it did not hurt. It did make my period cramps hurt more though. Right now I have freq urination. Nausea at times but no throwing up. Increased hunger. I get so hungry that my stomach is growling. Even 2 hours after a huge steak dinner. Today I weighed myself and I saw that I have gained 4 pounds. I am more tired. I have had freq gas. Last week I would be ovulating if I wasn't pg. I noticed last week that when I wiped there were huge globs of clear stretchy mucus on the toilet paper. Never have I seen this before in my life. Even when I had sex with my husband he noticed that my discharge did not look the same. He had tones on his penis. I have had hot flashes. Stomach bloating. Tender breasts. My breasts are a little bigger. Hanging out of my bra a bit.
What do you think? Why would these 3 have faint positives and all others neg?
I am confused because I have never felt increased hunger before at any time unless pregnancy. Never had discharge like this ever not even during ovulation. Never had a period like this either. Never had period cramps lasting this long.
Took a digital test today and it was neg. So maybe i'm crazy? Why would those 3 ept have faint lines and all others say neg?

right now i'm refusing to eat cause the test said neg. I feel so hungry but I don't want to eat and gain weight and find out im not pg. I already gained 4!! If i'm pg then I will accept the weight gain. If not pg I will not accept this weight gain.


Ana - posted on 06/27/2012




Well, the brown after a period meant for me miscarriage.. as far as everything else, the multiple test, sometimes it takes almost a month for a positive test to show up on me. And even when it does, it's usually by blood test. I paid almost 100.00 in home test, all negetive..and had a miscarriage right after.. the next time, I waited till I missed my period then waited more time, then went straight to the Dr for a blood test.

Ur not crazy but I think you should give yourself some time.

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