do you feel like a circus attraction when you go out along with 4 kids

Krichelle - posted on 07/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I hate going out with my 4 kids.
I usually have my newborn in a sling and my middle 2 in a double pram with my 4 year old on a skateboard behind the pram.

The looks and comments i get can be down right rude. I understand that people look at me and think wow i must be busy but one lady told me that the age gaps between my children was just stupid. I was in shock, i mean you can think it but you dont say it.

I always get the comments dont you have a TV. i used to laugh but now i say Yeah i have a tv but its in my bedroom and all i watch is porn so its not helping lol.

I was told once by this lady to go buy a tv and my 4 year old laughed and said your silly, we have 2 tv's, i even have 1 in my room. LOL i could help but laugh.

What annoys me most is the ones that are really vocal about my kids are the really old women who prob had 12 kids of there own anyways.

I feel like when i go shopping i am constantly defending my decision to have 4 children close. Does anyone else get this or am i just being over sensitive?


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Kristy - posted on 08/16/2010




You sound like me when I go to the shop, I have the baby in the sling and two in a pram with my 4 year old walking.

It always takes me twice as long when I'm at the shop because people feel like it's their duty to point out how close together I had my children ( Like I didn't know that already). Just to run a simple errand can take forever.

But then there are those days (and they are very rare!) that I go to the grocery store with my 4 and they behave perfectly; while I see another mum with only 1 child who is screaming the house down. I feel sorry for the other mum but I just can't help being proud of myself and my wonderful children. I would'nt have it any other way.

Hollie - posted on 07/12/2010




Oh Krichelle -
I know exactly how you feel. I always use to joke with my husband (if he was with) that "Here comes the side show...everybody stare..." At first, it was annoying, but now when anyone says....oh my god, or "couldn't figure out how things worked" or "are you crazy?", I always respond - "We are blessed". And I keep one can say anything against that. :-) I am so glad you posted this. We are in the same boat.

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