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Fabulous Foster Moms

Site for loving, authentic foster parents, dealing with the interesting challenges of foster parenting


Any good books/movies for new foster mom?

Hi all! I am about to become a foster mom for the first time! I am very excited! I would love to be as much prepared as I can be, also I love to read inspiring stories from...


Wanting to adopt

Hi everyone my name is Vanessa, I have full custody of a true gift from God who is 9 months old now but he came to me at the age of 10 weeks old.This little guy belonged to a...


Foster kids

I need help. I have 6 foster kids ages 7,8,9,13,14,15. All boys except the 14 year old. They do not want to follow rules. They ignore me and my husband when we tell them to do...



I'm a first time foster mom (1-year this February), and my 3-year-old foster son has been sick all winter & fall. It's usually something respiratory - coughing, running nose,...


adoption or guardianship

We have a wonderful Kinship foster child. She has been with our family for a year and our next step is guardianship or adoption. She will be 2 next month.



I\'m excited to see that this group is growing! As a new foster mom (11 months), I thought it would be good for us to be represented on what looks like a great site! Can you...