Fairfax County Playgroup

Finally a local playgroup for new moms to attend! For babies preferably ages 0-2. We will be hosting playdates at our homes while also taking trips to various baby gyms, malls, parks, etc. Every now and then we also host a Mommy's night out! No monthly fees, just meeting friends!


Meetup 2/7/09

Hi everyone. Message me if you're interested in meeting up this Saturday for a Mall stroll. =]


Hi there!

My sister-in-law and I are looking to start or join an existing play group. He daughter can't exactly "play" yet with others, because she is only 4.75mo. but we'd like to meet...


Hi Ladies!

Thank you for joining! If you could please leave a short bio here about yourself, your interests, the age of your baby(ies) and what times you are available for dates!


Meeting 1.31.08

Our first meetup is going to be held on January 31st at 3:30pm. We will be bringing the babies to open gym at Gymboree for some play while us mommies get to chat and introduce...