Families of Children with Brain Injury

A group for families who have a child with a Brain Injury


Coping with HIE

Hi I am Jessica and my 6 yr old son was dx with HIE(hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) 3 yrs ago. I have been trying to find other people with children with that same diagnosis....


near drowning

hi everyone im new here and found this mom site im a mom of 4 boys one is a near drowning he fell in his grandma pool and drowned and his heart stopped for 20 min he now...


HIE Grade 3

Hello my son was perinatal asphyxia with HIE grade 3. now he 3 months 2 weeks old...he respond to smile,he can hold my finger and start to stand up with my help. but I have no...



My daughter was in a car accident October 3rd of 2007. I joined this group and looked for a Brain Injury community and didn't see one so I thought I would create one. If you...


New to Group

13 yo with TBI acquired in K by playground bully. Took 6 years to hear something that confirmed TBI. We are military and no testing was ever done until nearly 2 years later when...