Families with Five (5) or more children

A community for mothers of large families. Download your gripes, ask questions of other mums, help other mums cope with the huge demands of 5 or more kids.


5 or more kids

Do you feel life hacks you have developed by 5 kids apply well to even larger numbers of children? Or is there a different adjustment at 8 or 10 kids?


Sibling Fights.

Can anyone give me ideas on how to stop the kids from fighting? We send them to their rooms, we confiscate things and make them go without treats eg, dessert maybe. The...


A big ask!!

Hi everyone. I have created this community in an effort to meet other mums with really large families of 5 or more children. One thing I'd really like to know is how other large...


Mom of 10

I'm stay-at-home mom of ten children. The oldest is 26 yrs and is married with 2 children. All the other children are still at home. Their ages are: 21 g, 18 g, 14 g, 12 g, 10...