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Wendy - posted on 07/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




HONESTLY IM GOING CRAZYYYYYYYYYY my 5 kids are literally driving me mad firstly i get kids will be kids and siblings fight and boys are rough BUT THIS IS A JOKE i have 3 girls 7/6/2 and 2 boys 7/4 i love them to death but i ask them to clean their rooms they wont i ask them to not break their cupboards they do not rip books not back chat stop hurting each other stop punching each other they are doing it until who ever they are fighting with is bleeding they beat up the animals they drink out of the toilet bowl YES THATS RIGHT THE TOILET i leave the kitchen light on i leave cups out their bedrooms are closer to the kitchen than the toilet but they refuse to get a drink from the tap like normal people where did they get this from it is disgusting i ask them why they keep being so naughty i get because i like it i have taken every single toy i have let them earn them back but then they just go back to being naughty ive stood them in a corner done rewards done time out i spoken to them at their level i yelled and screamed and cried and now im just beyond exhausted i dont know what else to do i have done every little thing i can think of except smack them i even threw out their favourite toys the response i got was i dont care you will just buy us new ones for christmas or we will ask grand dad Im out of ideas PLEASE HELP...


Chaya - posted on 07/27/2012




If it isn't hurting the child or anyone else, don't worry about it. Drinking from the toilet isn't wise, but it's harmless. Separate what matters and what doesn't and pick your battles. Injuring a pet would get a spanking in my home if the child were over a year old no matter what. If you don't, the pet will run away.
If you don't take control, in whatever manner works for you, they'll be doing this all their lives, if they do this all their lives, they will grow up to be welfare baby factories because they can't keep a job because this is antisocial behaviour.
The real problem is your ability to control them. Maybe you should try spanking. I'm not a big fan of it myself, but it's no sin. You can control them or they can control you.

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