Any activities for my son and his daddy

Emmie - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My fiance is a big gamer person..He likes to sit down and play his playstation or the wii. And he plays for HOURS on end, sometime as soon as he comes home from work he bathes, eats and then by 7 hes on the console, and plays til about 1 in the morning. My son i 2 and hes at that age where he just wants to play with his daddy. Im a stay at home mom right now so hes with me all day. When his daddy comes home he gets super excited. And when he wants his daddys attention My fiance fuses him for being in his way of the TV or fuses him for wanted to crawl on his lap while hes playing his games...Is there anything kind of activities I can get them to do together, so my son can spend time with his daddy and have fun!!


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Chasity - posted on 04/15/2010




Have you suggested to him letting your little guy "play" the WII with him? All he has to do is give him his own controler that isn't turned on. Then he will think he is playing the games too! My little guy is only a month old and when his daddy plays x-box he sits in his lap! Yes sometimes he grabs at the controller. When he is big enough he'll get his own controler! I used this technique with a few kids that I babysit for too. It makes them feel involved and included but there isn't the frusteration of them "messing up" the game.

Suggestion number 2 if he comes home eats, showers, and then goes to the game why not suggest he be in charge of juniors bath time? Include a few tub toys...squirt guns (if you allow them), rubber ducks, boats, etc. They can play for a few min. each night in the tub then if he cleans him up and puts him to bed he is free to play his game without interruptions.

Suggestion 3 try to convince him to do a family night one or two nights a week. For a couple of hours you all do something special on that planned night. For instance a "picnic" in the living room and then he and junior build a fort while mommy picks up the picnic stuff. Or you all build with blocks, read stories etc. Anything that is age appropriate for your little guy and gets dad involved. Who knows maybe after a few nights of seeing just how excited your son is to see him and play he'll start wanting to have more time with him!

Good Luck!

Arlene - posted on 03/14/2010




if you have a garden ask him to take the wee fellow out to play football, sorry soccer! or american football, tennis, even just catch with a ball, something that gets them both outside for fresh air, is there a local swing park you all could go to n take a picnic, anything that has your boy running around is good as it will tire him out! swimming is also good for this n if your boy cant swin you could ask your man if he would like to teach him to swim, thats an excellent bonding experience. hope i gave you a few things to think about :) x

Armanda - posted on 03/12/2010




Maybe he could include your son in his hobby. Does your fiance like computer games as well? There are some nice ones for ages 0 to 2. My son likes the Giggles computer games. They are nice because you don't need to use a mouse, just press any key, and the animals make sounds and stuff like that. They could play some regular games together too, like hide-n-seek or memory. Even a regular board game could work. He might not understand the rules, but they could move the pieces around or drive toy cars on them. Does you fiance like sports? Now that the weather is getting nicer, they can always go outside and play. Hope this helps.

Rebecca - posted on 03/11/2010




have you spoken to your fiancee about this? does he not realise that his son needs his attention, especially when he hasn't seen him all day? explain that his son only needs a bit of attention but it is essential, and that he could read a book, play with his toys, or even just talk to him, fly him around the room, stuff like that.

ask your fiance what he is WILLING to do with his son.

Tanya - posted on 03/11/2010




what about the video game that hooks into the tv for kids i think its by vtech it may bot be as fun for daddy but it is something they could do together..

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