I'm worried about leaving the house

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I can not leave the house by myself and feel anxiouse to do so? I'm ok when my nan or partner is with me?


Vicki - posted on 03/07/2010




Hi sophia, like the others say; seek medical help.
I too had this problem and would not go anywhere alone (without my husband), I would not answer the phone or the door, I felt so alone, scared and at times stupid!
I went to a doctor, discussed the problem, started medication and it was not an overnight cure, it took time, hard work, and lots of understanding from my husband - I felt like noone else could or would understand what I was going through.
It seemed that my dads death on top of other family deaths and troubles finally put me in the place I found myself - so scared. I function fine now, except for an occassional anxiety attack - very rarely, so there is a light at the end of the tunnell - get help, find a doctor, minister or confidential friend who you can talk to, this will laso help!
First step - go to a doctor!!
You can do this!!


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Charlotte - posted on 06/08/2010




Sophia Barron-I've been there and it takes work but it can be overcome. I still have my moments. I do not have depression but my anxiety does get the best of me every once in a while. Life situations can cause anxiety as well. Is there anything in life that is causing you anxiety? Natural methods to help with anxiety include Yoga, breathing exercises, meditiation (the best one for me), hot showers/baths, massages, and chamomile tea (another life saver). & Vicki Smith-Wow! Your situation exactly explains mine. My father and my husband's mother passed away within two years of eachother..both in August. My dad passed from heart disease cause by a virus and my MIL passed in a tragic accident. After my dad passed (3 months after my son was born). I did not want to go out alone with my son. I was terrified of him getting sick (due to the virus that caused my dad's heart disease) or getting in an accident. I could barely function. My husband had also been laid off the day before we found out I was pregnant with our son. A blessing in disguise because I began having panic attacks about twice a week for about 9 months. Through counceling and the ideas listed above I overcame my panic attacks. Also, my husband found a job and we got back on our own so that helped out a lot as well. I still have anxiety issues every once in a while and find chamomile tea calms me almost instantly (brings to back to a "normal"..doesn't make me sleepy.) Meditation also works wonders. I hope that kind of helps You Sophia. Good Luck!!

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Hiya, Sounds like you are suffering from a bit of post natal depression. Anxiety about coping is one of the main symptoms. I suffered the same with my first child but becuase it was my first baby I thought it was normal. I was only diagnosed with Post natal about a year later, by then I had got through the worst of it!!! If you feel anxious when your baby cries especially at night and worry about going out or trying to cope on your own you should see your GP for treatment - you will feel a million times better after that! Good luck xx

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omgosh i thought i was the only one, i felt so crazy. i have to be with my husband or someone and even then i get really anxious when i go places. every time we go out i get anxiety attacks. when im home alone i will freak out. the way anxiety meds work is most are fake, they make you think they work because anxiety is caused by you. your the only one who can overcome it, so they give you these and tell you they work because you will believe it and you in turn think they work so mentally it works tho they are fake. if they are real they give them to you to basically make you drowsy. i have battled anxiety for so long. i know what its like. i have been on meds and i think i have had now every axiety pill or depression pill and none worked, if they didnt knock me out they caused problems.

now i am no longer taking meds and yes i still have anxiety but my dr told me i dont need pills to overcome it. he said its all in your head and what the best cure is is a support system. have people you can go to talk to. music also helps. my husband also suffers with anxiety. he has become very good at keeping it hidden or keeping it under control. music helps us both relax. of course different kinds but pills just cover it up. you cant overcome it by just taking pills like people think. when you do feel anxious writing also helps, wheather its a poem or how you feel writing does help some. also just breathe and try to stay relaxed.

they basically give you pills for money, its money in their pockets and they just tell you to take them because they kind of think if you have anxiety issues you are gullable and will believe anything. whenever i have an anxiety issue and i go to counseling or to the dr its always well ill put you on this when i just want help over comming it without pills. its hard but you can overcome it,sometimes it just takes time and since everyones different see if a dr or a counselor can give you some natural techniques. i find a warm or hot shower always helps me relax.

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hello it is a very hard thing to leave da house and if it troubles u my suggestion is to go c a doctor that u trust it sounds like u have anxciety which can then lead into post natal depersion with treamnt though it will be easier to leave the house and do all the things u want to do that u cant do now good luck keep us up 2 date on how u r goin k

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don't worry !! this feeling some happens , but maybe is good idea make something , make scrapbooks or pinter or jelwelry a dont know something !! have good day all time ok

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yes i to was like this i do so very much understand what you are going though you are not stupid please aske your hubby to go to the doctors with yu and just take one day at a time dont let any one push yu into anything there will be light at the end of the tunnell there are so meny people out there like us all the best will be thinking of yu

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Please seek professional help! You are not alone...I see a psychiatrist once per and take meds to help.

Rebecca - posted on 03/07/2010




Get your nan or partner to take you to the doctor, because this is a serious problem -- it could be hormonal, or could be depression related, it could be due to a trauma you experienced etc. You need medical professionals to devise the best treatment for you.

Pamela - posted on 03/07/2010




Anxiety can be a serious condition it can also be associated with post partem depression also very serious illness ignoring it, and rationalizing staying home only makes things worse seek proffessional help it's an everyday lifetime battle. Ask Marie Osmond or just read her book. I personally have 2 family members who suffer this condition.

One family member sits near a sunny window for the vitamin "D" benefits. Also is taking perscription medication and Extra vitamin "B" plus some therapy seems to be helping . Good Luck , and See Your Doctor!

Rosie - posted on 03/05/2010




Kinda glad to know Im not the only one thats scared to leave the house....Some days are better then others but its a nightmare....I even come up with reason not to leave....Good luck!! Let me know if theres anything that helps you..

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