What do you do for fun with the family?

Karen - posted on 04/25/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




We have several things we do that fun for the whole family.
I have an 11yr old boy and a 19 yr old stepdaughter. So we try to get things that both would like to do.

1 is singing on the wii .. Songs strange but they love going into battle against us.. *L* we do the head to head to see who best... who over wins gets to pick the next thing we do.

2 going for pizza at restraunt that has live organ music. They love to watch the organ guy play and he plays some of the recent stuff.

3 games on the wii or board games. Clue, Monoply, and life are the big ones right now. Though they also love the old time mouse trap game.

Going to the zoo, I know it's weird but we pick out areas we want to see then take a day. Turn the cells off except for one in case the granparents need us and just have fun. AEven my 19 yr old like just to get away for awhile from everything.. She loves to hang with her baby brother.. *L*

So what do you all do? I'm looking for some new ideas.

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