4month old baby rolls over on her Tummy during sleep... Help! What should i do?

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My 4month old baby sleeps with us in the family bed. One night i woke up and she has rolled over and was already on her tummy! She was lifting her head up.. I was sooo scared! I dont know for how long she was on her tummy.. But once i positioned her on her back and tapped her a little, she went right back to slee... so im guessing, she has just rolled over at that time. Our mattres is not firm so im really worried if she rolls over again and i dont notice it.... What should i do? Is it time to transition her to her own crib now?


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Thank you both... I guess i needed someone to prod me to do what i already know i should do... Now, my problem is how to teach her to sleep on her own in her crib... We didnt really plan to have her sleep in the family bed... It just slowly happened that way because she would only take quick naps in the bassinet and would sleep longer in our arms. Now i tried to have her sleep again in the bassinet but the moment i lay her down, she'd open her eyes and have a questioning look on her face ("what am i doing here?!) then she frowns and starts to cry...how am i gonna do this? I dont even know were to start...im a first time mom so everything is so very new to me. I dont believe in letting the baby just cry it out... Its too painful for me to do that to my baby... I would appreciate any advice!! Thanks again!


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My 1 year old and 4 year old have never slept in a crib nor on their backs and their both completely fine.

Lexi - posted on 04/01/2012




My second son started rolling over at 3 months. He has always hated sleeping on his back, refuses to be swaddled and hated the sleep positioners. I settled for keeping him pulled up close to me on his side and he seems to stay that way better. Now that he is 6 months I can't control his rolling. He insists on being on his tummy no matter how many times during the night I put him on his back. And on his tummy is the only way he or anyone in the family gets any sleep at all. I just make sure he has his head turned to the side so his face doesn't squish into the mattress. You've got to do whatever makes you most comfortable though, so if that's the crib, then good luck. If you still want her close by, you could try a bassinet or play pen next to your bed.

Alleah - posted on 02/18/2012




I would agree with moving her to her own sleeping space. Once they can roll over on their own, the weight displacement in a family bed can cause her to roll over with her face covered in blankets, or too close to sleeping dad, or whatever.

Kelly - posted on 02/18/2012




Time for her own crib especially if your bed is soft then I wouldn't worry about it at all if she rolls over. She is obviously very strong and being able to move and lift her head decreases all the risks of sids. Sids is only the most common in kids 6 mos and younger but yours is obviously a tad ahead in the motor skills so that might move her out the risk of it even more. Personally I put mine on their sides with a blanket rolled up behind until they could move and then they went down on their bellies. We aren't smokers, they were in their own firm beds with no spare comforters or stuffed toys and I wasn't worried about it. One of mine spit up frequently and I was more worried about him choking on his back then Sids from sleeping on his front. I was far more worried about crushing and smothering my kids co-sleeping then sids from their own crib. So I never slept with mine. A set of twins just died from co-sleeping with mom and Sids.

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