Just something cute that happened a few weeks ago!

Jay - posted on 10/09/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am so glad I found this group!
We co-sleep with our son and love it! My DH is always checking on him and making sure he is alright, it is lovely!
Getting a bit squeeshed in our queen with my growing bump!
My mother was always telling me to get him into his own cot in his own ROOM :O! He is only 7 months!!!
Well a few weeks ago my DH and I wanted to go out for our aniversary, I hadn't been out in over a year and half so we left our lil one with my mother and some expressed milk and a few different bottles to try, he wouldn't take any... not leaving him again till he is older :(
Well when he got home the next morn, and clung to me to feed (poor baby, she didn't tell me he wasn't drinking until he was home..)
And I asked ''How did he sleep?? Was he okay in your travel cot??'' (she has it for the other GC)..
She said, ''ya he was fine, but..... I left him sleep with me, I couldn't leave him all alone in the cot by himself, and you know your father wasn't home so we cuddled together!''
Ha! I just thought it was so cute, and maybe her sleeping without my dad made her realise how lonley it is? ,, She hasn't mentioned the co-sleeping again since!! :P


Lexi - posted on 11/15/2011




Oh that is cute! So great she now seems to realize how nice it is to have a little monkey in bed. My dad is very against cosleeping but my mom (they're divorced) is totally ok with us doing it. She sleeps with my two year old whenever he spends the night. They fall asleep watching Winnie the Pooh and snuggling.

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