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My daughter has slept in her co-sleeper since she was born. She's also been swaddled since she was weeks old. I use the miracle blanket for the swaddling. My daughter is now 6 months old and constantly on the move. She loves to roll over even in her sleep. When I can successfully swaddle her she sleeps on her back but I'm starting to think it's cruel to swaddle her. She really hates it now and she prefers sleeping on her side. The only problem is she sometimes rolls over on her side toooo much and then rolls onto her belly, wakes herself up, lifts her head/arms and then gets pissed off. She needs her sleep and I need my sleep. Is there anyone out there that swaddled their baby in a co-sleeper and now needs to transition to something else to accomodate the "emerging" active baby? i read on other posts that people use the pack n play as a safe alternative to co-sleeping when baby is napping on her own. my daughter sleeps on her own until about 4am then she moves into our bed until about 8am. she's kicking a lot too...drives me nuts and it hurts. i'm not ready to move her into her own bedroom. we may move her crib into our room but is it reasonable to expect her to be able to put "herself" to sleep without her swaddle when she's not used to it? she also uses a pacifier and i breastfeed full time. (no formula). hence why i want her close to me so i don't have to completely wake up to feed her at night. any helpful recommendations would be greatly appreciated. (she has taken naps without her swaddle but she sleeps better/longer without it.) what do people do when co-sleeping breastfeeding baby outgrows the swaddle? thanks and sorry for the long post.


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I have two children who slept in a co-sleeper from birth. My oldest stayed there until she was almost 10 months old. Of course she usually ended up in our bed by the end of the night! LOL! My youngest only stayed in until about 6 months because he just kept rolling from side to side and getting mad looking for mommy. Both were EBF and I am pretty lazy about getting up to feed the babies so...I just made the leap from the co-sleeper to our bed. It was perfect for us. You need to find what is perfect for YOU! I personally found it easier to nurse at night when neither of us had to really wake up for the feeding. My oldest is now 3 and still sleeps in our bed for most of the night, but starts out in her crib which we moved to our room after our second was born. We used is like a side car for a while, but when she decided that it was the best place to play jumping monkey we moved it over to the wall (it makes into a toddler bed so the side was down closest to our bed). My youngest will be 2 in May and I still nurse him to sleep everynight and he continues to nurse throughout the night so it is just easier for me to have him in my bed. We also have his toddler bed in our room and he will sleep in it most of the night and just crawls up on our bed when he wakes up. I hope that helps! I don't have much advice except finding what works for you and your family is the way to go. Everyone has different expectations for how long the family bed works for them. I'm thinking that when we are blessed with a third it will be time to really move my oldest out! Our king size bed feels really small already! Good luck

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