Fans of Ellen Degeneres Show

Open to all the fans who love Ellen Degeneres and watch her show everyday!!


I Adore Ellen

Merry Meet Everyone I think Ellen does a remarkable show, every show she does. My daughter and I watch Ellen every chance we get as she makes our hearts smile.


Ellen's website

I want to send Ellen a message or her site but I cant seem to do it - because im from Canada and dont show my country in the selections, just US states. Do you know if there is...


Norweigen Nosedive

What a great game. Very creative. My family is getting together on Sunday and I want all of us to play this game. My neice and nephew are going to love it! Pop Pop can be...


Sumo Suits

I think I love the Sumo Suit games better than blindfolded musical chairs. I crack up! It makes me want to play them myself. I'm so competative when it comes to games and...