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Are you a double duty mom? Working outside and inside the house? Having to juggle demands at work and family duties. Sometimes all this becomes overwhelming to the point that you feel you can not do anything as well as you would like put together that awesome outfit for work or play! It's important to be able to share even these types of concerns with other moms who are in your situation. Post your comments and/or concerns with anything and if you know of an awesome sale some that too!!


Hello from Australia

Hello Fashionista mama's. I'm one of Westfield Australia's head fashion stylist's. I'd also like to welcome you all to my community and blog. Yoga Mum's "Aussie Yoga' and...

Started by Rebecca on 01/24/2010 in Fashionista Mama's

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make-up problems

hi ladies ur help needed.i m a indian lady 24yr old with a 18 month old son.i have a problem in with cosmatics i don't ware them because i don't know which is the best brand to...

Started by Sukhpreet on 04/12/2010 in Fashionista Mama's

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