February 2006 Babies

For mothers of children born in February 2006.


more than misbehaving..

My 5 year old is recently over the past few months showing signs of aggression, being defiant and just plain not listening.. She is disruptive at school.. she has growled at her...



help cant get my 4 year old to eat food, jus picks at certain things, and if food has a mark on it she will refuse 2 eat it sayin its baddie... she has lost weight and is sooo...


Kindy 2011

Is anyone sending their son or daughter to Kindergarten next year? Just wondering how everyone is going with the anticipatied transition????



I have noticed my daughter's legs and arms have been hairier lately and she has a little "peach-fuzz" in her girl area. I have no idea if this is normal or not. It seems like...



How many of you will be sending you little one to preschool in the fall?


Loosing teeth?

I noticed over the last week that my daughters bottom teeth were starting to space out, She finally sat still for long enuf to take a look at what was going on and low ands...


Neighborhood problems

I have a neighbor with a daughter the same age as mine (Olivia). The girl is really mean to Olivia (she once told her if Olivia didn't do what she wanted, their preschool...


Books for my daughter's library

Hi mommas! I was wondering what your favorite books were when you were growing up? I like to buy books from amazon.com a LOT and I've been building my daughter's library with...


Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Hi mom's what are you planning (or did you do) for your Feb. 2006 4 year old's birthday! I can't believe my Tyler is four already!



Well I know that I should of started this one first.. but any ways. My name is Jerilyn, my oldest son is Dominic and he will be 3 on Feb 13. I also have another son who is...


Bedtime Toilet Training

I have a 3yr son who has been toilet trained now for about 9months. Not sure when to start puting him to bed with undies on. I have tried to put nappy on him just before he goes...



My little girl turned 3 in February. I was just wondering how many of your children are still napping. I think that she is about over them, though on some days she is tired...


Anger, Aggression & Defiance

My son has terrible temper tantrums. We think that it is related to food intolerances and we are looking into that. What I am wondering about though, is his aggression when he...


Third Birthdays!!

I know that our little ones will be soon 3 years old... how time flies by, just seem like yesterday I was bring my Dominic home from the hospital. For his 3rd birthday we are...


Previous Birthdays

I know we have a conversation for third birthdays, but what have the moms here done in previous years? Any great experiences, even with your older or younger kids? Last year...


Potty training.

I don't know if any one else is having any troubles with this issue as I am... I just do not get why Dominic is having such a hard time with it. I put him on the pot as much as...


About me.

My name is Jerilyn and I am a mother of two boys. Dominic my oldest was born in February of 2006 and my youngest was born in March of 2008... But going though all the...