anyone successfully potty trained a 12 month old?

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My son is showing signs that he may be able to be potty trained?!?!? Has anyone had any success with this or know anything about early potty training? He tries to sit on his big sister's potty and has brought me a diaper twice in two days when he was poopy!
Any thoughts are much appreciated!


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Bianca - posted on 05/04/2010




my son started wanting to potty at 23 months. if your child is showing signs that he/she wants to be potty trained early, then by all means, encourage it!

Lynette - posted on 04/08/2010




12 months is really young, but you can't fight the signs if he lets you know he needs to go let him, but don't push him. At 14 months my daughter started telling me she needed to go (and yes I mean she said the actual words, she talked way early) so I let her, I never pushed her she's 20 months now and now that her brother is potty trained I have time to focus on getting her potty trained.

Logan - posted on 04/07/2010




My eldest was trained by 12months. It was a good time of year and he walked at 6months, so i guess it all just worked. My second son still isnt fully trained and he is 3.

Amanda - posted on 04/07/2010




My youngest lad was using the potty regular at 19 months. I started at about 13 months sitting him on the potty just before i was going to put a clean nappy on, and i woud have the tap going so he could hear the sound of running water....after a while of doing this, i would let him run round with no nappy on and remind him to sit on the potty every so often, after a little while he was doing this by himself.

If your little one is taking an interest in the potty go with it, but remember the younger they are the more time it tends to take x

Lindsey - posted on 04/05/2010




I certainly haven't. My two oldest were both 3 before they started using the potty, but a friends daughter started really early. She's always been pretty mature for her age. I have no idea how she did it. I think your son sounds like he's ready to go on the potty. As long as he shows interest in it, I say go for it. Lucky mama!

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