Can anyone help with our sleeping arrangement?

Donna - posted on 03/12/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Our daughter just turned 5 in the beginning of February. But she still will NOT sleep alone in her room. She sleeps with either me in my bed, or my husband has to sleep with her in her bed (full size bed). I know this is not going to cut it much longer. I thought that the situation would be fine for a while, but now it has obviously gone on too long and I am having a heck of a time breaking her of this. I have read all kinds of suggestions including putting her in her room and letting her cry it out, but its unbearable! It is difficult to be consistent as my husband has a work schedule that changes frequently and at some point he has to sleep. What we have done in the past is wait for her to fall asleep and then move her to her room, but either she will wake up and crying and move in our bed, or we will fall asleep before she does and nobody ends up moving. Are we weak? I would say yes. We need help. I need the Supernanny! Help.....


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Crystal - posted on 06/07/2012




I don't think you're weak and I think every situation is unique. My 5 year old sleeps with me. I know that when she's ready she'll transition to her own bed. Some people may not agree with our arrangement but it works for us. I have a happy, healthy, well-balanced daughter so I'm okay with it. Hopefully you have found a solution that works best for you. :)

Jennie - posted on 03/28/2012




Is it a problem for you and your husband. My daughter still sleeps with me, Ive had mixed advice from counselors but all and all, co-sleeping is fine. My daughter sleeps with me most of the time by if coaxed alittle with a few little tears will sleep in her own room. Try putting her in her bed and saying lets try this tonight and tomorrow you can sleep with mom....start with a few days a week...

Rebekah - posted on 03/19/2012




I have no experience with this, but I see absolutely no way for her to transition without some crying. You've taught her from birth that she needs to be close to someone to be able to sleep. So in order for her to learn otherwise, I think you'll just have to consistently tell her "no." You might start by changing up your bedtime routine. Explain that from now on you'll read 3 books, sing 4 songs, say your prayers, and then she'll go to sleep in her bed by herself. You might even create a chart that illustrates each step of the new bedtime for her to see. Then, every time she tries to come to your room (after all your steps) you put her back in her room and remind her that it's bedtime and she's going to sleep by herself now. If you are super consistent (no letting her in your bed in the middle of the night either) I'd guess that within a week (maybe 2) she'll be over it.

The real key is making the decision. If the best thing for your family is for everyone to sleep in their own bed then you need to decide to make the change and do it. If you give in, you've taught her that eventually she will win b/c you really don't mind her sleeping with you.

Good luck!

Christina - posted on 03/12/2012




my daughter is 2 and we just moved her to her own room. it was a little rough the first few weeks but we did finally get her to sleep in her room. now we do have a bad habit too of the when she comes in at 2 in the morning she stays in our bed. luckly she isnt always in our bed anymore. one i would get rid of the big bed. get a smaller one and tell her daddy is to big to fit in her new bed because its a big girl bed. sometimes things like that help.

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