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Heather - posted on 11/09/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, I am a stay at home mom. My daughter was born Feb 19, 2007. She is to smart! We are expecting again in May '09. My husband is in the army and missed her first year and a half but is now a complete daddy's. That is all I know for now.


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Regina - posted on 11/28/2008




Hello I'm also stay at home with my two. My youngest Lucas was born Febuary 28, 2007.

We are also expecting. The orignial due date was June 4,2009 but, after my recent appointment I was told I'm either having twins or we are a month further along. After our ultrasound we will know which is the case.

I feel so lucky to stay at home. I agree our little ones seem so brilliant. I think it has alot to do with the one on one they get.

Valerie and Heather what is your favorite thing about your time with your children?

Is there anything that frustrates you or is difficult?

My favorite thing is the time we get to spend just playing.

Right now the most frustrating thing is money. We just had to make a few large purchases. That we were not expecting. With the new baby/ babies on the way we were hoping to buy or build a house it's still not out of the question it's just not as easy as it was 3 months ago. But now more than ever we want out of our beautiful but very modest 2 bedroom apartment.

Thanks for sharing

Happy Holidays.

Valerie - posted on 11/14/2008




Hi Heather! Good for you for staying home with your kids!! I stay at home with my daughter, Claire, who was born February 2, 2007. I think they're smart because of the one-on-one they get from us! Congrats on your new addition too. We are going to have one more but not for a year or so, my husband just had back surgery.

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