How would you describe your child's personality & what have you done to shape it?


Margaret - posted on 02/28/2010




Well, U have seen Caelan in action...she LOVES stimulation, diversified activities, socialization, etc., and she's pretty much the same way @ home. Basically, she's incredibly willful and determined (like Mommy), wants to do things HER way (Mommy), yet has a wonderful amount of insight, sensitivity, empathy, and articulation for a 3-yr-old. I believe that we've shaped her mostly by being consistent, confident in our co-parenting, building her self-confidence, and exhibiting unconditional love. We also do the best we can in exhibiting appropriate behavior and explaining things to her as to why we discipline her (time-outs) when she needs to be. We know what's best for HER, and we let that be our guide.

Crystal - posted on 05/05/2010




Caleb, is very active but he loves to cuddle with mommy! he is alway's making jokes and saying odd things at random, he loves to sing songs and is very determined to do things on his own!

Avelina - posted on 05/05/2010




My son Homero is crazy and energetic but shy when he meets new people. He can be very helpful, and is very loving. I love loving on him, I praise him for every good thing. He can be very stubborn sometimes and has his father's temper, which is very scary. When he gets like that, I try to talk to him instead of screaming at him. I have been trying to teach him to be open and share his feelings when he has them so that he wont get frustrated.


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