My 5 year old is always complaining that she is bored.

Kris - posted on 05/01/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Does anybody else have a 5 year old whom you can't seem to keep entertained?


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Anne - posted on 05/28/2012




I give my son activities throughout the day, here's how I do it. I gather activities and place them into separate boxes:

box 1 - magnifying glass and a note that reads ants (this way he can go explore and observe ants)
box 2 - work sheets for tracing, coloring and cutting (to improve motor skills)
box 3 - kumon worksheets (for math)
box 4 - cutting activities (motor skills)

I tell him he has exciting and surprise activities that he can do. The rule is he has to open each of the 5 boxes I give him and complete what's in it. He seems to enjoy it :D You can get creative with what's in the box.

Since it's probably summer for you guys, here are other activities you can do (I've gathered this list myself):

Terina - posted on 05/10/2012




my son has recently started saying that hes 5 too , i raised this issue wth his teacher at school as he said he was getting bored at school so naturally i thought they needed to set him more challenging work maybe he found it too easy hense why he was bored , there response = he probably means he dosent want to do that, at first i was a bit thrown by the answer but it totally makes sense, kids of this age generally dont kow what boredom is really as there brain is so imaginative its a natural thing for thir brain to kick in and daydream etc so when he/she is `bored' they dont fell like doing whatever task it is theyre set so they interperet this as boredom. hope that makes sense. but on the otherhand if you daughter is like my son he gets `bored' quick and often changes his toys and games over oly fter a short space of time and ths maybe my fault as im still like that ! ooops , its almost like he cant concerntrate on one thing for too long thats when he gets ` bored' , trying new things has helped with him as its the novelty factor i find when my son gets `bored' he plays up and starts being naughty so we often change toys from upstairs to down almost like a rota same with story books too . and funily enough friends ! we have a friend rota where he has 1 friend over a week if hes been good and even they are on rota stops me getting bored of seeing the same ol friends and teaches my son the sharinf ritual a bit better and my daughter who is 2 and learns ts from big bro .

Michelle - posted on 05/01/2012




give her work to do when she says she is bored eventually she will stop saying she is bored.

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