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Misty - posted on 02/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




HELP! How can I get me now 3 year old daughter potty trained? An advice would be great I have tried everything I know to do and nothing has worked so far.


Jenny - posted on 02/28/2010




I'm copying and pasting my reply I posted to another similar question. Too much to write again-at least it was for another girl ;).

You need at least two days of not leaving your house for this. Before you start you take her shopping for new "big girl panties" (if you haven't already) and a few little prizes...they can be items from the dollar section/store...stickers, temporary tattoos, candy...these are for each time she successfully goes on the potty. And one "big prize" like a barbie, a little stuffed animal or some other small/cheap (you don't want to break the bank for this) toy for when she's "completely" trained.

Day 1: No diapers, no pants. You have her not wear anything-basically, she'll be running around half naked. Have the potty chair with you in whatever room you/she are in. Constantly ask "do you have to go potty?" (or however you ask). Each time she successfully uses it, give her one of her "little prizes".

Day 2: Add her "big girl pants" to this routine. Keep asking like the day before and still give her the little rewards. Eventually, if you think she's getting it, add some easy pants.

Let her know she gets her "big prize" on a set day, a few days after you have started, when you feel she is "trained".

Other thoughts:
•You may still need to use diapers or pull-ups at night, preferably the pull-ups, they still have the motion of panties-target has a brand (up & up) that we use that were work just as good and are a LOT cheaper.
•NO overalls or difficult pants that she cannot pull up and down by herself.
•make sure you have at least two full days where she does not have to leave the house.
•You have to be able to devote, at least, the first two days to this.
•She will have accidents, don't punish her for it, let her know it's okay, and that it happens, sometimes.
•if she's not getting it, do not reward her after the second day and tell her she doesn't get her "big prize" until she's not wearing "baby diapers", just her "big girl panties"
•make sure *she* is ready, and not just you. If this doesn't work, don't push it. When she gets to daycare and sees the other kids her age in one room and she's in with the babies, it might just click in her head "wait a minute, I'm not a baby". Sometimes it takes seeing others do something for them to want to do it.
•point out babies..."look they wear diapers", point out "big girls"... "mommy/grandma/aunt so-and-so wears big girl panties and goes on the potty". Keep telling her she's a big girl when she's gone on the potty..."wow, you are such a big girl".

Last of all...GOOD LUCK!!!! And, have a lot of patience.


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Katie - posted on 02/24/2010




We used a sticker reward system. I bought a large wall calendar and a book of 2000 tiny stickers. Each time Payton went #1, she got 1 sticker on the calendar and one on her hand, 2 stickers for #2. She really enjoyed seeing her progress and we were also able to work on counting, days and time keeping skills at the same time. If your daughter has something small that she really likes, use the reward system. I think it really helped us to be able to see her progress. We still use the calendar, but have now cut back to one sticker for each accident-free day. Another thing, even if my daughter SAID she didn't have to go, I still made her sit and try to go. In the beginning, she got a sticker on her hand just for trying. She has a convertible potty chair, stool and removable seat. She uses the stool and we have the seat attached to the toilet, I would rather not clean out that bowl 10 times a day. We take the seat with us when we go to visit friends and family to keep the consistency of her own bathroom at home. (I just wrap it in a plastic bag for travel and then bought a second one for grandma's house.) Now I don't have to take it with us, I just hold her on the regular potty but she has the seat at home for regular use. We also involved friends and family and they helped stress the importance on being a big kid by using the potty. Now she is just like an adult, which makes her feel very important. All total it took about 10 days and we had our share of accidents in the beginning, everyone does. Just try to be positive and tell her to try again next time. Hope this helps.

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