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Our youngest son was born on valentines day. He will be 2 this year and I am struggling a bit because I have loved decorating and having lots of fun for valentines day. This year I am trying to figure out how to do both valentines day and his birthday. The other thing is we have given our older children candy on valentines day and they remember because they were commenting on it earlier this week as we were talking about holidays coming up. Anyway, if anyone has any creative ideas please share!


Shaun - posted on 01/21/2009




My little one will also be 2 on Valentine's Day. Is there any way that you could celebrate Valentine's Day early? Maybe do something fun on Friday evening and celebrate his birthday on Saturday. You could make heart shaped pizzas for dinner and give them candy after.


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Erica - posted on 01/26/2009




my son will be 2 on valentines day also...we have planned his birthday in the afternoon and then in the evening we will go to dinner

Bobbi - posted on 01/24/2009




My daugher is a Valentine's baby as well. I guess this hasn't been a problem yet for me because for her and for her sister, who is just 10 months older, a day is just like any other day. I guess in the future I will try to not make a huge deal out of Valentines Day. Of course it should be recognized with candy etc as it always is, but I think it's important for my daughter to feel like her birthday is important because it's HER BIRTHDAY.

This year I am celebrating her birthday on Sunday for the convenience.

Sabrina - posted on 01/21/2009




Hi Tammie I know what your going through my daughter also is a v-day baby as well as her grandma so that day has alot going on for my family..We're doing  valentines day  stuff on that day and  both my daughter and grandmas birthday party  the next day..I know it's hard to do both holidays and birthdays on the same day..

Autumn - posted on 01/21/2009




My daughter is two days younger than your son, but i was POSITIVE i was going to have her on V-day. So i was making plans ahead of time. Whatever day the 14th is, Either do all your v-day stuff a day early/late or his birthday. I would rather do V-day stuff ahead of time. That way, if your hubby and you wanted to go out to dinner, you'd be missing ALOT of the v-day crowd! To children, It doesn't matter what day they DO it, as long as they get it. And tell your kids the day b4 is their v-day, and the next is their brothers b-day. If they object, Say "well, you didn't have to share YOUR birthday with a holiday, did you?" Or something creative like that! I hope it help! Good Luck!

[deleted account] little girl is also 2yrs this valentines and i no what you mean when you say you want to do both...i haven't a clue what to do either i could also do with some help

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