19 month old foot turns in when walking

Pam - posted on 10/19/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




A friend of mine pointed out that my son's right foot turns in when he walks and runs. Should I be concerned?


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Samantha - posted on 11/12/2009




its called "pigione toe" he is young so i wouldnt stress too much unless it is effecting his walking, and or running, talk to your doctor the next time your in there, its pretty common with kids, and if they dont grow out of it the most common fix is inserts in there shoes from the doctor all 5 of my god children had it and have it, its totaly fixable

Alyssa - posted on 10/31/2009




my 20 month old has a problem her pediatrician said she'll grow out of it so you dont have to worry about it

Michelle - posted on 10/29/2009




Hi Pam...

I wouldnt worry myself too much if i was you...

I used to walk like that when I was little and so did my moms friends little boy. Me and him have a couple of years between us... my mom took me to docs where I was diagnosed with clicky hips. I used to sit in the W position as Cathy states. But it depends how you sit in that W position that effects the outcome. If you sit your son in that position and see if his feet point outwards or if he tries to curl them in under his bum - if the second, then he may have clicky hip or weak ankles. If the 1st youll probably run with his legs flicking outwards (like another friend of mine).

Any way back to my story...when I was little the docs wanted to put pins in my legs to help straighten my hips and ankles....my mum said No as I would have to live with huge scars down my legs and possibility of maybe having future operations. I have grown out of the 'walking inwards' thing. my hips still play up a little but it doesnt affect me day to day. Only when I had my daughter - and then my one hip would just lock.

On the other hand my mums friends little boy has had to deal with infection in his legs, more operations. As well as the scars down his legs which he hates.

I have passed the ankle weakness to my daughter as her left foot goes 'in' when she walks. My partner comments all the time that 'she walks like me'. Never mind cause I know if I persevere with helping her walk properly shell be fine. What helped me was dancing. Exercise that can change the way you move your body. You caould also try phyiotherapy to start with but try getting him playing footie. You might find he has a killer right hook lol xxx

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My two sons age 3 and 20mths have this same problem for us it's a defect I was born with in my hip so they have it too. It causes them to walk and run like that. Spoke to their Doctor and he said no way to correct it but they will outgrow it. If you see him sitting in a "W" position have him sit with his legs straight or "Indian stye" the Doc said this will help. I outgrew mine, was even in Military with no problems.

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From a mother with an older child with leg problems I would say get it checked out aas soon as you can.

My daughter has had issues since she could walk, at first it didnt bother her at all but over time it began to hurt, not while she walked but later at night when her legs finally were at rest. it was debated when she was 2 yrs old to put her in corrective braces to fix it but they decided to leave it be and see if it corrected itself. now that she is in school it puts her in pain all the time. The doctor finally agreed to put her in casts to see if it would help correct her problem (shes now 7 yrs old)

I would keep a close eye on it and if it gets worse or causes pain do not let the doctor just wait and see.

Pam - posted on 10/20/2009




thanks for your comments. the only trouble is i'm living in Peru and don't really have a good peadiatrician. he was walking a little before a year. i didn't notice it much, but a friend of mine keeps pointing it out. it doesn't stop him running very quickly if he gets loose in the grocery store.

Erin - posted on 10/20/2009




I would bring it up at your child's next well doctors visit. It could be nothing or something that can be easily corrected at his young age

Tina - posted on 10/20/2009




I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. It is very common in toddlers when they begin walking, and most grow out of it.

I would look out for any signs of pain, swelling, or limping as this could be something else.

If in doubt go see your pediatrician to assure you.

Keep us updated on how it goes.

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