Baby Asthma? Anyone child have this?

Rowena - posted on 06/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Each time my child get a cold it turns into asthma within about 2 days. He's on inhaler for it. Wondering what other moms have done to help. He get so bad sometimes we have to take him to the hospital.


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Hello-- my son (17mo) has asthma and reactive airway disease. I have asthma so I know all about advise to you is to remember that at this young age, they might grow out of it and that you don't "get" asthma when you get sick, you have it all the time and it turns into an asthma attack. My son gets 2 nebulizer treatments a day--one with albuterol (bronchiodialator) and another for long term treatment. he has had bronchitis 3 times and pneumonia once. The best thing for you to do is get a can rent them and most insurances cover them. the key is prevention. You must give your son treatment before he has an attack....although there is no cure, there are good treatment options so you just have to get in a routine of meds. My son also has bad allergies which set him off so he's on zyrtec and pataday for that.

Hope this helps!

Tammy - posted on 07/16/2009




Hello, I have had two children with asthma. My oldest and now my youngest also has it. He was diagnosed at about 8 months and we also started with the inhaler. After about two months though since everytime he also got just a little runny nose it would turn into asthma, our Dr. got us a nebulizer for home treatments and I love having one. That way when I first notice any little sign of him tightening up or wheezing I can pop a treatment in. Usually if I do that and keep it up for a week sometimes it can take two though more in winter, then everything seems to clear up. Also from when my oldest, who had asthma very bad, always make sure to talk to your Dr as they get older and what there needs maybe and what they maybe able to take as they get older to help prevent attacks. My oldest was in the hospital more his second year of life then he was at home because we also found out that simple things like fresh cut grass would make him act up, cats, certain fibers, and he would also act up whenever he got a runny nose. It's not fun to deal with but if you really watch your son and see if there are things that make him at up or just cold ect and talk things out with your Dr. Hopefully he will just grow out of it like most do. My oldest finally grew out of it at about 13 to 14 years old. Now just hoping my youngest will grow out of it too but would love for him to do so sooner the his oldest brother. Good Luck And best wishes to you and yours!

Jamie - posted on 06/29/2009




My daughter has it also. Was diagnosed with it at about 9 months. Just make sure to watch for wheezing and if the inhaler isn't helping as much ask how a nebulizer would work for you child. Good luck

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