Does your child know their name?

Teresa - posted on 08/12/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Is anyone esle having trouble getting their child to say their name? My son Jacob when asked his name says "ME" He knows my name, his sister, ect. but won't say Jacob. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to teach him his name. He does respond when you call him.


Lizette - posted on 09/23/2010




My son also took long before he said his own name. He responded to his name but refused to say his own name. I put his name on his bedroom door and will say it every time we go in. Also try and have picture discussions where he shows mom, dad and himself saying the names. He just one day said his name out loud. I will not worry. Children have their own time for doing things. good luck.

Laura - posted on 08/20/2010




My son, Michael, knows his name but doesn't say his name. I have him starting preschool in September and hope with the encouragement of his teachers and other kids it will improve his verbal communication. When I try to help him say it, he tells me, "No!" I don't want to upset him as it will just make him more stubborn about not saying it. Give Jacob time. He'll say it when he's darn good and ready. ;-)

Nilde - posted on 09/28/2010




I am mine doesnt yet. she sings her name in a song i sang all the time and she says it and responds to it but does not say her age nor her name. How I wish i can too.


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Monica - posted on 10/01/2010




My daughter barely started saying hers also. For along time when i would ask her name she would point to her arm (which is where her daddy has her name tattooed on him), but she wouldnt say it, then she started saying her name was "sasa" it's actually sarah. I would just keep referring to her stuff as "sarahs" and now she says it good BUT she doesnt say it when shes asked her what her name is...she only says it when shes taking a toy from me or her brother she'll say "no, thats sarah's" or "it's sarahs turn"...but when people say "whats your name?" she doesnt respond.

Ashley - posted on 08/26/2010




My daughters 2 1/2 years old and her name is Unity. Instead of saying U nity..She says Shoenity. :P And instead of saying I love you she says I love Shoe :) Haha. So yeahhh Most of the time she gets ANGRY when I ask her what her name is..Her name is hard for her right now:(

Janet - posted on 08/25/2010




My son rarely says his name, but I got him to say it by accident. I was having a cuddly moment with him and I put his hand on my chest and said, "Mama heart." Then put my hand on his chest and said, "Brandon heart." I went back and forth between his heart and mine and eventually he was repeating after me, saying his name. (And on another plus side, he occasionally puts his hand on my chest and says, "Mama heart." It melts me to butter every time!)

Brandi - posted on 08/21/2010




I didn't think my son Zach could say his name until he must have told some kids in the top of Chic-fil-a play place what it was when they asked. They kept calling him "Jack" :-)

They are always full of surprises!

KIM - posted on 08/19/2010




If he's answering, I think it's ok. But if it worries you a little, then just repeat this statement to him every once in a while pointing to him, "My name is Jacob".

Jaiy - posted on 08/18/2010




My friend is a speech therapist and she loves to analyze my son's development. I wouldn't worry so much if he isn't saying his name yet. Concepts and commands are more important. The fact that he understands he's "me" is good. As for tips, I'd say start having him repeat sentences with you. Say them one word at a time and encourage him to repeat every word after you with applause and praise. When he gets the hang of this, slip his name in and see if he'll repeat it. That's how we got Aidan to say it, although he doesn't use it on his own.

Ashley - posted on 08/17/2010




lol my son just looks at people like there crazy when they ask him what his name is i just started thinking about trying to get him to say it but he isint a big talker so i may have to wait awhile yet. He does no what his name is though he comes to it a million time a day i think he thinks everyone should just no it lol.

Bonnie - posted on 08/16/2010




My son, Jacob, does the same thing. He can read it and say it but won't. When I ask him what it says he will say, "Me", but he won't say Jacob. No matter how I word the question fro him to say his name. I know he knows it because he has said it once but I can't get him to say it again.

Cheryl - posted on 08/13/2010




My sons name is Jacob, and he is two and a half..he says his name is "acob" but he just started saying it this week..don't worry it will come to him once he figures out how to say it.

Donna - posted on 08/12/2010




If he responds when called then dont worry, he may find his own name hard to say,my daughter is only 2 weeks older then Jacob and she has only just started to try and say her name,she has problems saying all of it so she has shortend it to what she can say, so if she is asked her name she replies "phina" I know given time she will be able to say her full name of seraphina.

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