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Paula - posted on 11/28/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




My little guy eats most baby food and formula but he has only just started eating cheerios and bread. I am wondering if I should be trying to get him to eat more foods that aren't pureed. He only has three teeth and I am worried about him choking on his food. Any suggestions?


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Lisa - posted on 12/02/2008




my little one only has 2 teeth and she eats everything! until about 1 month ago I did single ingredient foods, one new one every 3-4 days. Now I just give her whatever we are eating in chunks. She loves pretty much any veggie or fruit in finger size pieces, cheeses, egg yolks, quesadillas, chicken, turkey, beef, and today she loved the salmon we were eating. She has done really well just chewing with her gums, so I try to get her to like as wide a variety of healthy foods as I can early on.

Barbara - posted on 11/30/2008




My little guy doesn't like the baby food much so I have been trying give him more selection of our types of foods. I have actually used the johnsons baby site for alot of information. I cook egg yolks and he loves it, along with toast and some vegetables in small bits. Anything that I am really worried about his choking on I put into the mesh holder (shaped like a soother with a handle). I put cookies, ice for his teething and even frozen fruits sometimes. He absolutely loves !

Logan - posted on 11/30/2008




My son loves cheese, chicken, ham, turkey, venison...all cut up in little pieces. He has 4 teeth right now. He loves to eat with his fingers so we're starting to lean more that way now.

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