HELp! I need sleep!

Jaqueline - posted on 04/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I had posted a convo before about the struggles of putting my daughter to bed. Sometimes she is up and down for an hour. I keep a bedtime routine, she is definatly tired, and I just walk her back to bed over and over. This all still hasnt changed. Now to add to the fun she gets up several times a night. I just walk her back to bed but then it takes time for me to fall back to sleep, and then shes up again. I asked her why and she says she wants me. I am not going to allow her to sleep in my bed, she keeps me up that way too. She has a night light, and sound machine, and I always give her a shirt of mine to sleep with. Please help this sleep deprived mom!


Lindsey - posted on 04/14/2012




threaten to take something away that she likes - either a favourite tv programme or toy, or something she particularly likes doing daily (trips to the park etc) if she gets out her bed after you've settled her for the night. we found it worked when we told our daughter that if she was naughty she'd get no tv for the next day. this was then increased to a week and then extended by a further week when she did something naughty during the week's ban. she now behaves better and we only need to threaten things now and not actually do them. she also gets treats of extra tv or something when she's been super good. as for keeping her in bed during the night, you could try the same, or how about an alarm clock next to her bed? tell her she's got to stay in her own bed till it rings so if she's awake in the night she'll hopefully lie in bed waiting for the alarm to ring but fall asleep eventually. good luck!

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