How to move from baby food to 'people' food...

Melissa - posted on 02/09/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My twin boys will be 1 on 2.26 and we have yet to have them established on 'people' food. The eat pudding, yogurt, toast, kraft dinner and gerber baby snacks but that's about it. Everything else we try they spit out. I was wondering if other babies are still on baby food and for those who have, or are making the transition to 'people' food, how are you doing it?


Lori - posted on 02/16/2009




Hi, My daughter just turned 1 on 2/11/09 and we just try to give her all kinds of different table food.  Our doctor said to just keep letting her try all different kinds of things.  If she doesn't like it now, she might like if you try again in a few weeks.  He said to just keep offering it.  Also, the day care gives her lots of different things for lunch. 


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Beth - posted on 02/16/2009




i stopped using baby food at 11 months my son has had just about any kind of food we can think of. the good thing is the are not going to fuss if they stop getting the jar food. just start in steps you will know when to feed them bigger chunks or bite by experiance. Alway a good thing to know what to do if they start choking cuz it does happen!!! good luck think rainbow colors!!!!

Jo - posted on 02/16/2009




I would recommend giving your babies a taste of everything you're eating and see what they like. Our son was born 12 weeks prem on 14/02/08, we started weaning him at 17 weeks (5 corrected) under instruction from our dietician and peadiatrician. He didn't like baby cereals and rice and we went straight to pureed fruits and vegetables. Very quickly he progressed to blended table foods - roast dinners, curry etc and he hasn't looked back!  Now he has whatever we eat slightly mashed with a fork. Our dietician told us give him as many flavours and textures as we could early, as babies' tastebuds change at about 9 months of age and it can be difficult then to introduce new flavours. On the rare occasions I've given him jarred baby food he really didn't like them - they seemed very bland and watery.

Try not to get to worried about what they're eating, make mealtimes fun and enjoy them!!!

Tracy - posted on 02/10/2009




I understand. My daughter has eaten tons of table food, but I am just having a hard time figuring out exactly when we go from baby food to just table food. We have started to mix her formula with whole milk but we still give her bottles. She does well with sippy cups; it's just a struggle to figure out exactly when and how to transition her. She turns 1 on 2/21. I think for a while I will still do bottles first thing and at her last meal and try to transition her to just sippy cups for the remainder of her meals...she eats 5 times a day with snacks and meals...

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My son will be one on 2/25. He's on both table food and baby food. He still eats the cereal plus whatever I'm eating at any time during the day. Mostly it's soft foods like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, small broccoli florets, carrots, green beans, rice, pasta. I've given him frozen mustard greens but found that it burns his bottom so I don't do that anymore. I haven't given him any meat yet. Mostly just everything else. I guess all you can do is just keep trying and maybe they'll take up on it when they're ready. Good luck.

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My son won't eat baby food anymore, and insists on eating adult food.  We started by giving him whatever he grabbed for off our plates, but he's always been very independent and is one (on 2/13) going on six years old.  My doctor suggests that if they want it they will let you know and just give into whatever they want to try food wise.  If they don't like it...they don't, but provide a variety of options at first.  We always had some fail proof food as back up.  We really tried fun foods first - baked potato sticks in olive oil (no salt), broccoli flouretts, etc.

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My son will turn 1 on 2/29 (Leap year baby). My son is pretty much entirely on people food, but it is still a struggle with some foods so I always add in some baby food if I feel like he isn't getting enough. One thing that he does great with are meatballs. They sell them in the freezer section and I cut them up into really small pieces. They are really easy to eat because they sort of fall apart in his mouth. He also does well with the Gerber Toddler Ravioli meals. I think you have to just keep trying...there are things that my son would not eat a month ago that he loves now.

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My daughter turned one on 2/1/09. She is only eating avocado, banana, gerber baby sancks, and baby food. We are trying to give her more table food, but for the most part she spits it out. My doctor said that I should keep trying to give bites of soft table food and then give some baby food in between the table food to make sure she is getting some food. Other than that, we are just taking it day by day. My daughter prefers the bottle and I'm also working on transitioning her to whole milk instead of formula. My daughter seems interested in the food that I'm eating so I am trying to be patient. Good luck to you and happy eating.

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