Lactose intolerance

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Has anyone else's child been diagnosed? How does it affect your child? My son has terrible diaper rash when he injests any minute amount of dairy products. The rash lasts about 10 days no matter what we put on the area. I assume he probably gets gas pain, bloating, or cramping , but he can't tell us yet. Anyone else dealing with this?


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Thanks for your story. When I switched my son to whole milk and he had that terrible reaction, my doctors office told me to keep giving him the milk because it was surely a virus as lactose intolerance doesn't exist in babies. Thank goodness I switched him back to formula and then to soy. Hunter's been on the soy milk since he turned a year and I chuckled a little when I read the part about constipation. Why? My son rarely has a formed bowel movement. I actually give him a whole banana in rice cereal for breakfast every day just to stop the loose stools. It's amazing how different each kid is!

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My son reacted so poorly at 12 months when we gave him whole milk, our ped. told us he is probably lactose intolerant, so we switched to soy. The strange part is that he can have EVERYTHING else with dairy, just not milk. He also has acid reflux, and when we saw a pediatric gastroenterologist for that, we told him about the milk. He thinks my son may have a protein allergy instead. Either way, we are keeping him on the soy milk until he's at least 2. Word to the wise, is VERY constipating. We learned this the hard way, during a visit at 2:00 am to the ER because we couldn't figure out what was wrong. Just be careful not to go overboard, or have a lot of it with other constipating foods, like carrots (I had NO idea!)

ME - posted on 09/15/2009




My son had a milk sensitivity. He refused to drink it, and too much dairy in another form would lead to constipation and tummy aches. We started limiting his dairy to a cup of yogurt or a piece of cheese a day, and giving him Soy milk instead of regular. It solved his problem. Your son might have a more severe dairy allergy/sensitivity...but there are lots of great soy products, and calcium fortified juices...If you haven't asked for suggestions from your ped, or talked to a nutritionist yet...I'm sure they can help...

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