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Susan - posted on 03/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please help. I have a picky eater who does not want to try new things (new to him, normal and plain to us). I had been making custom meals for him, and would like to get out of that habit. How do I do this? We have started to stop making custom meals and only offering what we are having for dinner. But he often sits there and doesn't eat anything or just the condiments? Do you reoffer that same plate/meal till he eventually eats it? Do you reoffer only new foods at the next meal time (ex: breakfast)? We have basically eliminated snacks as to keep him hungry at meal times. If he could eat what he wants at each meal, his appetite is just fine. It is just that he wants what he wants and doesn't want to try anything new.


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Sharon - posted on 06/27/2011




Sometimes it takes up to 5 times introducing a new food before a child will eat it. Keep it simple but fun. Kids are more apt to eat something fun than plain, boring or what an adult would enjoy. Turn the meal you're having into a kid friendly meal and Good Luck!

Donna - posted on 04/05/2011




Hi susan, have you tried putting less of the food he does like onto his plate and a small amount of one new thing for him to try, if he eats the food he does like but does not even try the new food then offer it again on a different occation or try to hide it in other food, pasta sauce is great for hiding veggies in. I have to admit i have never had this problem as my children have always been given the same as me, therefore they have seen me eat and enjoy the food on my plate and they have been willing to try what is on theirs. I do however run a parent and toddler group and at snack time we offer fruit and vegtables, if a child looks and says they dont like something without trying it we offer them a sticker to try whatever it is, if they eat all of what has been offered to them they also recieve a certificate for trying new foods, maybe a star chart for your child will work. A coloured star for trying a new thing once, A silver star for trying the same thing 5 times and a gold star for trying it 10 times. If he then askes for the same item again or just eats it without any fuss then a reward could be given. By getting him to try the one item 10 times you will know for certain if he likes or dislikes that item as scientists believe the taste buds have to experience the same taste 7 times before the brain redgisters like or dislike. Hope this is of some help and good luck.

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