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Ilene - posted on 01/29/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone! My son really enjoys his juice out of a sippy cup, but he also loves to chew on everything! I have tried the ones with the soft tops, but he chews on them so much that they leak! Does anyone have any suggestions on what type to get that have the hard top and that are actually spill proof. I have bought several types and always I have problem with them leaking if they lay on their side! Thanks in advance!


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Amy - posted on 02/02/2009




I recommend Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Color Change Spill Proof Cup. They usually come in a two pack and they have either 7 oz. or 10 oz. We used them with our oldest but with our middle child I couldn't find them at first so we went through several different brands of sippy cups. Then one day I was able to find them!!   The lids are hard and I have found they are the best as far as not spilling! Our middle child is a handful and he will throw his cup down from his high chair alot and they still have yet to leak. We used them for 2-3 years with our oldest who is now 9, we have used them for over a year with our middle child who will be two and we have started using them with our youngest who will be one on Feb 8th....In looking for Gerber we found that our second favorite was Playtex Big Sipster. They too have a hard top and are good about not spilling.

Mercedes - posted on 01/30/2009




I had the EXACT same problem! I ended up replacing all my soft top cups with the Playtex First Sipster Spill-Proof cups. They work GREAT! No more leaks, there's not a million pieces to it, and my son can still chew on it (the mouth piece isn't super soft, but it's not rock hard either). Hope this helps!

Sarah - posted on 01/30/2009




You could try the Take N Toss daughter has chewed on them, but not enough to cause leakage.  They will drip only if upside down, from my experience.

Tanya - posted on 01/30/2009




We have some Avent ones, but my son loves the ones that playtex make. They have a nice hard, but chewy spout for sipping, but just inside (when you unscrew the lid) there is a little, REPLACEABLE plastic valve (super cheap to replace & available at many drugstores). This valve lets in the right amount of air for when they are sipping & makes sure that you can clean the cup & spout really well. This cup can drip occasionally if the plastic valve is loose or not inserted correctly, but generally, it holds up to a lot of wear & tear.... it won't drip or be less effective even if they chew on it so much that the spout cracks!

Alison - posted on 01/29/2009




I really like the Avent sippy cups with the handles.  The tops aren't super hard, but yet they aren't so soft that they can chew on them and make them leak.  They may leak a little if left on their side too long but I think you'll have that problem with any cup.  Good luck

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