Soaking wet diaper in the morning

Carree - posted on 11/16/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, Any suggestions on keeping a baby dry through the night. He wakes up around 3 or 4 in the morning because he is soaking wet! I already moved a size up on diapers (cruiser 6). And I have tried to limit his fluid intake right before bed, but sometimes he has an over flowed diaper. I put a new tight diaper on right before bed and yet he's all wet in the morning. Thanks


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Michele - posted on 11/20/2008




I had the same prob with my son who is now 3, he was wearing the largest size pamper from 9 months on so I started to used the huggies overnights for him and never had a problem. I used to get them at Target. My daughter who is 9 months now is just starting to leak through her diaper, I am going to get the Huggies overnights for her also. It is worth the money, I only use them at night and then use my regular pampers during the day.

JaHannah - posted on 11/20/2008




I had the same problem and switched Isabel to Huggies Overnights at bedtime. They are more expensive and hard to find if you need the smallest size which we do. Overall it has been worth it as we don't have wet jammies in the morning anymore.

Carrie - posted on 11/17/2008




Hi - i also had taht issue and moved Derek (feb 12th) into cruizers size 4. This didnt help the situation and although the diapers are extremely large on him - i thought that it had to be something else. So what i started doing was feeding him at say 8 at night and then keeping him up for a good 1/2 hour to 45 minutes this usually works to let him pee before i change him and then put him in bed - he is still really wet in the morning but not leaking everywhere like he used to! Hope this helps!

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