Stuck on what to feed her!?!?!

Stacie - posted on 06/12/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




It seems like I am feeding my daughter the same thing everyday! Pancakes for breakfast, bread and lunch meat for lunch and some type of pasta for dinner... needless to say I need some new ideas... can anybody help?!?!


Samantha - posted on 06/20/2009




we give my daughter corn dogs for lunch maybe once a week. She loves them and they are easy for her to feed herself, since they have a stick. She also likes chicken nuggets (I found some at the grocery store that have cheese in them.) we try for dinner to give her some of whatever we are having. Just cut it into small pieces for her.

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I hear you Stacie - I feel the same way! Some breakfast ideas from our house: yogurt, applesauce, porridge/oatmeal, french toast, boiled eggs, toast, cut up fruit (banana, grapes, oranges). Lunch: cheese, avocado, homemade pizza with pesto sauce and spinach, perogies, sweet potato fries, meatballs, grilled cheese. I am also finding the same thing as Betty-ann; I will offer Jasmin new things to try and she pushes them away or puts them in her mouth and then spits them right back out. I know that it can take up to 20 times of introducing a new food before a toddler will actually begin to eat it regularly. Hang in there!


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Geneva - posted on 07/15/2009




my son loves fish - not fish sticks (although he likes them) but if my husband & I have sole, salmon, tilapia, whatever he gobbles it up. I think it's the soft texture. & I've cooked it like I would for us - the sole he's had was parmesan crusted & the salmon was horseradish crusted if you can believe that! My son was opposite of other posters - mostly tried & enjoyed fruits but refused to even look at veggies. My solution was to keep offering the whole veggies but keep the baby food veggies on hand when he refused (don't ask me why, he wouldn't look at the actual veggie, but if mommy offered it pureed on a spoon he ate it up - the whole 4 oz jar!) Finally one day I offered him steamed broccolli not at the dinner table but in the kitchen while I was cooking other things (he wasn't forced to sit & stare at it or me) & what do you know, he ate it! Now it's one of his favorites! Some of our early favorites are also turkey sausage - a little healthier than the pork & the texture is easy for their immature teeth to break down. Basically offer whatever you are eating & offer as much variety as you can! & most important, don't give up - just keep offering! (it's a lot less work when you are doing what the rest of the family would eat anyway=)

Tiffany - posted on 07/11/2009




try eggo waffles,banannas, scrambled eggs with cheese if he wont eat them plain. just mix the eggs with some milk and shredded cheese, salt/pepper, yummy! lunch: PB&J, mac & cheese, pastas? raviolis/ spagetti o's ect, and dinner just what ever you are eating. just try diff stuff. you want to know what we FINALLY did, and it changes daily, but at least we got an idea: I waited until my son was really hungry, and we took him to Golden Corrall buffet for lunch, and i put a little of EVERY thing on the plate. He ate all sorts of stuff I would have never thought of. He still hates potatos, any style but that is ok. just try that, and then go from there. also you prob know, but dont make a big batch of anything. I did that! bad idea! my son was eating jello at the buffet, I had never tried it before then. Anyhow, he liked the jello with fruit cups you can buy in the store for like 3.50 for 4 of them, so I decided that i would make my own, alot cheaper... yeah well i bought the jello, and it made like 10 little mini cups with fruit. so needless to say, by about cup 4 or 5 he is over the jello w/ fruit!! i still have some in the fridge, good thing that keeps!!

Melissa - posted on 07/10/2009




I do feel the same way that my son eats the same thing everyday. I stock up on the Gerber Graduates a lot, incase my selections are exactely healthy or I am low on food. I buy the entrees, pasta pick ups, fruit strips, puffs, cereal bars, etc. Sometimes I feel like he is eating pasta all the time. Is seems to be the easiest for him to eat as he has not mastered silverware yet.

Our typical meals (sometimes the same everyday)

Breakfast: scrambled egg, slice of toast, half a banana

Snack: Gerber fruit puffs

Lunch: PB & J, Madarin Oranges

Snack: Gerber fruit strip

Dinner: Generally what we eat, if not a Gerber entree

It doesn't help that I am not much of a cook. I definately have considered taking up some cooking classes.

Jess - posted on 07/09/2009




Fresh fruit and veggies are always great, add them to any meal. I like to buy the mixed frozen veggies you can pour water over them and microwave them for about 30 seconds, or you could toss them into that pasta. Fresh fruit on the side at breakfast (my dd favotrites are blueberries and bananas) or toss them over a bowl of cereal (cheerios is a fav at my house) Grilled cheese is another easy lunch, add avocado or ketchup for a twist. Fruit salad is always nice, just cut things up well. For dinner she can try a bit of whatever your having with extra fruit and veggies on the side, my dd tried corn on the cob for the first time yesterday and she loved it, she also will eat asparagus, brocoli, peppers, carrots etc. You can make her a very mini burger. Yobaby yogurt is another go to food, as well as unsweetened applesauce (adult version is much less expensive).

If your daughter is resistant to change just keep trying, sometimes a kid will have to be introduced to a food several times before eating it, especially if she is used to always having the same foods. start adding new things as a side dish.

There are some great websites and books with many recipe ideas

Book Suggestions: Look for the author Annabel Karmel or go to a local bookstore and search the parenting section


I hope this helps, best luck!

ME - posted on 07/08/2009




my son LOVES soup...grilled cheese sammys, hot cereal, veggies (plain and with a little cheese sauce), scrambled eggs with cheese, apple sauce, yogurt, mac and cheese, smoothies...Boca chicken nuggets, white fish, cous cous, fruit, tofu/miso soup...almost anything...but he won't eat meat or drink cow's milk, so I can't help you there!...he likes string cheese and crackers for a snack...I usually just cut the things we are eating really small, and give him some...sometimes he eats better if I put it on the spoon for him and let him bring it to his mouth...maybe you should try that...good luck!

[deleted account]

fruit- Strawberries, blueberries, Bananas, Works as snacks dessert breakfest.
Green beens are wonderful for veggies, Perfect size easy to heat up a few pieces and store the rest.
Breakfest- Bananas, cereal, chewy fruit bar, hard boiled egg, french toast sticks ( eggo), waffles, toast, oatmeal.
lunch- any type of meat, mac and cheese, luchmeat, chs, ritz. chicken nuggets.
Dinner- What ever we eat except the fish.

Sarah - posted on 06/20/2009




Breakfast : Oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal (with fruit & cinnamon added), dry cereal like Cheerios or Kix, & fruit.
Lunch : PB sandwich, Grilled Cheese, leftovers from supper, more fruit, veggies, cheese
Snack : Fruit Yogurt, Crackers like Annie's Bunnies or Goldfish, bread, fruit.
Supper : Generally the same thing we eat!

My daughter is great in the fact that since we started introducing the table foods, she eats just about everything that we have offered her so far. The above is a small sampling of what she'll eat throughout the week.....she LOVES fruit, so gets that 3-4 times a day!

Damion - posted on 06/17/2009




my kiddo eats what I eat but refuses to eat much fruit. just hang in there! I know Miss E loves tuna casserole, brusel sprouts, mandarin oranges, and pork chops. Just keep trying new things and try not to get stuck in a rut. Also remember that kids get food "tags" and tend to eat the same thing for a period of time and it is ok.

Sumangala - posted on 06/16/2009




cook semolina with veggies, pressure cook rice with lentils/chick peas, mashed potato with spinach these are some things i grind n give my 16month old as he eats only puree stuff. I mix tofu, curd, scrambled egg, shredded cheese to what I cook for dinner to reduce salt n spicy taste. I usually grind most entrees with rice n curd.

Tina - posted on 06/15/2009




My dd eats everything we eat just mashed or cut up ( unless it is too spicy or something).
In the morning she gets either oatmeal, waffles or pancakes with yogurt and some fruit, she even likes bagels with cream cheese and bread with jam.
Lunch on the other hand I don't have a large variety either, could use some help there.
Maybe look in the internet for toddler friendly recipes?

[deleted account]

i feel your pain i am also seeing that my daugher eats the same things and when i try to introduce new things she pushes them away so i just go back to what i know she will eat. all i can say is add some new food to her plate with her favorites and watch to see what she likes i also read if a child is given the same food 10 times or more that they will eventually eat it so i just keep trying to add some variety to her plate and watch to see as for the food she get everything we eat just cut up bite size since she only has 4 teeth.. well good luck...

Kristy - posted on 06/13/2009




for breakfast maybe porridge or eggy bread ( whisk milk ang egg together then dip the bread in and fry it) my daughter also loves soup....cook any vegetables together add barley and vegetable stock and when serving it up i tear in bits of bread and it soaks up some of the juices and makes it thicker to serve and easier for kiddies to eat. another one my daughter loves is rissoles and vegies with gravy. My little girl is 16months old now and will eat whatever my husband and i eat just cut up smaller. if all else fails try googling toddler recipes. Goodluck :)

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