Wants nothing to do with Me, only daddy? Common?

Tiffany - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi All,

My 18 mos old son has wanted nothing to do with me basically since birth, other than I was a food source for the 1st few mos! LOL

Now when he is sick, or we pick him up from day care, or ANYTHING really, he only wants daddy. He asks for daddy in the car, if he's not with us. He knows the word momma, but I have not heard him say it, in refrence to me.

He wants daddy to feed him, and put him to bed. I do the baths, diaper changes, and most feedings at night, but then he wants to sit with/play with daddy.

anyone else's baby like this?

It is probably my fault, as I was the one that always had my hubby hold him and such when he was 1st born. I wanted daddy to bond with him, so I pushed my son off on him as much as possible. So they bonded, but left me out completely. Also I am the only dicipline he gets, hubby wont. So I am not fun i guess!


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Heather - posted on 09/17/2009




My son was always a mommy's boy but then from about 12 months until just recently he only wanted his dad. It was pretty frustrating b/c I'm the one that stays home with him but then I thought well maybe he gets tired of seeing me? lol. In the past few weeks however he is more of a mommy's boy then ever! Sometimes he won't even go to his dad and if he tries to take him he won't stop yelling mom. In the past few days it's gotten better so I guess we'll just see what's next lol

Krystle - posted on 09/17/2009




I have the exact same problem...It makes me feel horrible when she gets hurt and I try to comfort her and she screams and reaches for Daddy...She is getting better because I am forcing myself on her

Deborah - posted on 09/13/2009




My first born only wants daddy. He is almost 4. He will go through short spells of wanting me, but mostly iys daddy. He actually tells me to go away. But I know he loves me, we have cuddles and play time and he says he loves me. It's hard sometimes but daddies do tend to be more fun than mummy. Mummy always has jobs to do. Even though we play too, it's different to daddy. Don't forget, men never grow up and seem more able to play well with children. My second son, on the other hand, is all for me. (Daddy is already taken).

Tiffany - posted on 09/10/2009




i might try the ignore thing, tho that will be hard, as I am the one to drop off & pick him up from childcare most always. So sorta hard on that end, but maybe after going to the store or something. I hope it is just a phase, he learns with ME better than dad. I make the noises of the animals in the books, so when he wants to read, he goes to daddy 1st then comes to me , 'cause I do it right!! LOL So i guess that is a step anyhow...

Joanette - posted on 09/07/2009




my 18mos old daughter did the same...when i get home from work i only get a smile and if i get lucky she will give me a hug however; if my husband gets home, she will ran towards him (calling him dada) then he gets a smile, hug and a kiss...so unfair!

so not long ago, coming home from work, i tried not to pay so much attention to her (in which was very hard to do) just to see how she reacts, and to my surprise she came running towards me...gave me a hug, kiss and most of all she started calling me momma! I love it...i only did this once. this may or may not work for you. in my situation i realized that i was too needy for her attention and she knows it!

[deleted account]

lol sorry for laughing but my youngest is like that now, and believe me when I say its not your fault one bit. My eldest son is the exact opposite, he is totally stuck on me (it does get annoying at times! lol) and he is 6 yrs old now XD

Kids tend to bond more with one adult, and sometimes it isnt the main person taking care of them (my youngest sons father and I had split up for a bit and I took care of him during that time but he still preferred daddy)

If it gets too much just try to have more fun time one on one with him, as he gets older he will get the idea that both of you can be fun in your own ways. find something just you and him can do together.

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