when to start potty training.

Chelsea - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is going on 17 months old and i really just dont know when to start potty training her and i dont want to start to early before she is ready and i dont want to start to late. What should i do?


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Toni - posted on 07/05/2009




We introduced the potty at 12 months. If I ask him if he has to go, he will run and sit on it and almost always pees. But here at 16 months, he still doesnt tell me when he has to go. But the potty is here.

Stacey - posted on 07/05/2009




I started introducing my son to his potty chair when he was younger...like still crawling. I set it in the living room so he can inspect it, play with it, stand on it...whatever he wanted. Now he knows that u sit on the potty n u flush it (I let him flush after i use it...he likes to watch the paper go down) He'll even sit on the potty when I use it. I obviously take him in the bathroom with me. We do everything together. Go potty, flush, n wash our hands. He enjoys it. Another tip I got from an older mom was start making all diaper changes in the bathroom...that way they'll learn that the "business" is done in the bathroom. Plus my son goes to the bathroom pretty regularly and that helps...put her on the potty round her "go time" n when she goes, praise her n when she doesnt, take the "mess" n put it in her potty n tell her that's where it goes n next time to try to get it in there. I guess patience is the best tip ne parent can get.

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I was always told to look for signs that the child is ready, such as bringing you diapers after they've gone, going at regular times, taking off diaper, being interested when you go to the bathroom etc.

My twins are 16.5 months, and the girl shows definite signs, but the boy does not. We bought them those potty chairs with a lid (can be used as a step) the other day, and for now the potty chairs are just in their playroom, so they can get used to sitting on it. I do plan on training them within the next few months, as I am expecting another baby when the twins are two, and would like them out of diapers by then.

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You can start with a potty chair in the bathroom and/or a potty seat for the toilet. I started putting my daughter on the potty before baths and right away in the morning. To my surprise she actually goes. Now her daycare puts her on the potty every 2 hours and sometimes she goes/sometimes not. We have a long way to go, but at least she knows what to do with the potty! Good luck.

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Does she have a regular time she goes? is she trying to take off her diaper?

She should be able to walk and sit down without trouble. More than likely when she is ready she will give you signs like being interested in watching you go or trying to tell you she is going or has to go.

If you start and she is having too many accidents it means shes not ready yet and its best to just wait until she is, if she is showing you that she has to go or is going it may be a good clue to practice going.

Tell her about when you go to the bathroom (she may even want to watch to see how it all works!) up to you to decide if you want her to watch or not.

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