February 2009 Babies

A place for moms who are due in February 2009 to support each other, swap stories and ask each other for advice. Share sonograms, help choose baby names and talk about how your lives will change once your new bundle of joy arrives with other moms due in February 2009!


Hi Im new here

Hi Im prego with my 3rd child.I have 2 boys which are 3 1/2 and a 2 year old and they are a handful but I love them very much:) and I found out that my 3rd child is a girl yah...


and the beat goes on.

Yesterday I went to my Centering class and after we all shared our stories of new discomforts and stuff like that my midwife told me she thought I was having Braxton-Hicks...



Hi. I'm Jen and I am expecting twin boys, due Feb 22. I also have an 11 year old daughter.



Hey everybody. I'm expecting my 2nd, a boy Feb 2, 2009. I have a 18 month old girl. My husband's in the military and I work full time as a RN on a mother/baby unit.


hello...new here

My name is Ashley. My husband and I are expecting on Feb 14, 2009. V-day baby! We are having a baby boy named Joshua Russell.


valentines day baby!

hey evry1 im new 2 this site just wanted 2 say hello as u can c im due on feb 14th wiv my 2nd daughter namin her Charlee Danyell my eldest Kaci is 4 n cnt wait 4 her sister 2...


New here

Hi all, I'm due Feb7th, 2009 and this is my third baby. I have a son, 4 and a daughter, 2 and this next little one is another girl. Excited to be entering the third trimester...



My name is Kara. I am Due Feb 16, 2009. We are having a little boy and we are naming him Jackson Taylor. This is our first and we are really excited. We had a few scares...



My name is Dana Webb, I'm 26 years old and expecting my first baby. My husband and I struggled for many years to concieve and are very proud to say we concieved through IVF!...


weight gain!

I am now almost 25 weeks pregnant...but have only gained about 7 lbs. The doctor says I am fine, but I still don't look pregnant. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hi ! I am due February 20th , 2009

This is my 2nd preganacy and it 's been hard , afterall ....not all pregnancies are the same . I have had blood pressure down as far as 80/60 and my normal range is 120/80 . I...


Over Anxious!!

Is anyone else about to go out of your mind wanting the litte one to be here??? I barely even look pregnant but I wish she could come on out now and be healthy.



Hi everyone, I'm expecting a little boy Feb. 17, 2009. Its my husband and I's first, we actually got pregnant on our honeymoon! Davids due date is EXACTLY 9 months from our...


Sophisticated Girls Names out there?

My husband and I are butting heads on the subject of girl names. We picked our boy name shockingly easily, I suggested one, he liked it, decision made. Girls names have been...



I cant wait til February! I'm so big I look like I'm due sooner!! LOL!! And he kicks hard as heck!!