Anyone got any good ideas for healthy meals?

Rachel - posted on 06/08/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I've run out of good ideas. My 16month old daughter is starting to get a little funny with veg, some days she will eat it and other days she wont. she isn't really a big meat eater either but want to make meals we can both eat together that don't take to long to make???/ please help?????


Blu - posted on 06/21/2010




I am so lucky that my daughter eats anything I give her. She loves fruits and veggies and Im constantly trying new things with her.

Some suggestions Id say is when making spagetti steam veggies like coliflower, zuccini, and squash. Place in a blender with tomatoes/sauce. Your eating veggies without knowing it. That also works with home made pizza. Actually steming the veggies and a blender wrok for alot of sauces atop brown rice or noodles.


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Zeneida - posted on 06/22/2010




i also got lucky with my daughter liking health foods. My question for you is are you eating with your baby? My daughter is in a copy stage that whatever we are doing she wants to follow and do.
But here some ideas i know works with my daughter..My daughter loves to eat brown wheat rice with peas...she loves to finger pick her peas..she also eats wheat pasta w/sliced up chicken or turkey breast or some marsh red potato w/some steam string beans does well w/her or maybe whole wheat grain bread w/peanut cut into small pieces w/cranberry juice..the list goes on...maybe get something your baby can actually finger food her self with??

Good Luck :D

Kimberlee - posted on 06/20/2010




lightly sautee whole fresh tomato (skin removed), little onion, little garlic, shredded carrot. then add a bit of rice and mix, add broth or water, laddle at a time and keep stirring. Mix in some left over roasted chicken, keep stirring and adding water, until you get a really creamy rice. then add a little cheese. It only takes about 20 min to make (probably the same time as those pre-packaged processed stuff! My daughter follows the spoon around to get more and more.

Kate - posted on 06/19/2010




Grate a load of carrot, courgette (1/2 kg) finely chop onion soften all in a pan cool - mix togther an egg and 75ml double cream and add to mix - add some cheese - chedder or feta1 pack). Chuck in some fresh herbs a mix is good - dill, mint, parsley, corrander etc - a good bunch finely chopped. cut 10x10cmish squares of thinly rolled puff pastry, put a blob of the mix in, fold in half to make a triangle, fold corners in to make rectangle and put on baking tray seal side down(may need to use a little milk to seal parcels if the mix is dry). Brush with milk. Bake at about 190 for 20 mins ish till golden. This should make about 20 little munchi parcels. I bet you'll eat most of them mmmmmmm. - you can use the filling for quiches too - mini ones are good in bun cases nice colours. You can do all kinds of concoctions and they are good snack food as well as meal food depending on size obviously.

Annette - posted on 06/18/2010




My daughters (3.5 yrs & 16 months) love dipping things into sauces, dips or dressings. Vegetables cut into bit-sized pieces (raw or cooked) are a favourite snack with hommus, mayo or salad dressing.

I also finely grate vegies (zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, etc) into almost everything I make and they don't even know it's there. One of their favourites is tuna mornay piled with vegies (if your daughter doesn't like tuna, you can just have a vegie mornay). They like almost anything with a white sauce so I make lasagne, pasta bakes, etc with hidden grated vegies that are too small for them to pick out. I add grated vegies into bolognaise, stirfry, fried rice, etc, etc.

My girls love cucumber so I get the little lebanese ones and they eat it whole for a snack. The skins are softer on these types so my younger daughter can manage it without many teeth. I find that if I give them vegies for their snacks (cherry tomatoes, capsicum sticks, softened carrots, etc), then I don't have to worry so much at dinner time which is already quite stressful.
I hope this helps but all children go through phases.
Good luck!

Stacy - posted on 06/11/2010




My lil-ones love Tuna helper, BUT add diced Chicken , not tuna. And an easy way toi get vegis in when the "Chicken Helper " is almost done add a tiny (single person) can of peas w/carrots to it.
I have to make 2 baoxes with 3 big cans (like tuna) of chicken to it. It is simple, fun and easy.

Another.........two pounds of scrambled, drained ground beef in a pan with the Beef rice-a-roni. Cook ground beef, drain. Add rice, water and spice mix to beef, Cook to a boil, turn down to simmer and heat up whole geen beans. by time the green beans are done the Beef & Rice is done.

Khadijah - posted on 06/09/2010




I make my girls whole wheat pasta with garden style pasta sauce. It has diced up veggies in it and my girls end up eating the veggies hidden in the sauce!! :-) That works for me! Other than that I give them mashed potatoes with peas in it or rice with mixed veggies in it. They seem to like it.

Melissa - posted on 06/08/2010




My Daughter Doesnt Like Vegetables Too Much Either.

But I Bought Myself A Magic Bullet and I Make Smoothies For Her.

Fruits Over Power Vegetables So I Always Put In 50% Fruit and %50 Vegetables.

We Usually Eat Grilled Chicken, Rice Or Pasta and Then I Make Her Smoothie.

Works Out Well For Us.


Good Luck!

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