Are other February '09 babies doing this???

Jennifer - posted on 07/14/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




As I write this, I am hoping I don't appear to be bragging or anything, I am truly not and don't want to come off like that. My daughter, born on Feb 03, 2009 seems to be pretty advanced compared to other little ones born around the same time. She can count to 10 accurately, she says her alphabet and she can spell her name. Her name is Abby so it isn't a really difficult name to spell but I was wondering if it is a common thing what she is doing. She is my only child. She recognizes circles and triangles and she speaks very clearly in complete sentences. I would love to hear from other moms concerning this.


Gemma - posted on 10/06/2010




wow, way to go, you must be super proud!! Delilah was born on the 23rd of feb.she sys a few things, Mumma , Dadda, Ella (her Sister) she says row,row,row , she is great at doing puzzels and likes to draw, but isnt a huge talker.I have an 11 year old and she was VERY advanced at this age, could talk like a 3 year old, by the time she was 3 I could have very long conversations with her about many things, she has always been well ahead of her age at at 6 was put into a gifted program and was tested with an IQ of 142.she has never been very sporty or physicly out going, where-as Delilah has been jumping, climbing,swinging for months now, she walked at 10 months and ran at 12. they are all so different but all such a joy. enjoy you little one :)

Bethany - posted on 10/02/2010




Well, Charlotte isn't that advanced, but she will say circle or triangle or square if she sees one, and she tries to draw triangles (two sided) and says triangle once she draws it. If she sees the alphabet, like on a book or toy she says "abcd" as if it's one word. She can count to 6, most of the time, and recognises the other numbers if she sees them, though looking at a group of things, she can see that there are 2 and will say 2, but any other amount of things and she'll say 4, no matter how many there are. She says 3 and 4 word sentences, like Up on bed please, and come on, teddy, She knows all of the colours, and I've run out of body parts and joints to teach her. She can say her name when asked (Ar-det)

She's always been "switched on" since birth, she's looked you right in the eye and has always been a fairly sensible person, a good communicator, for her age. We used Australian sign language from when she was about 9 mths, until she could talk. She doesn't use it any more, she learns the word and uses it the next time. I make her say the sentence, and don't just act on what I know she's saying, so if she says "water" I'll say "Water please Mummy" and wait until she makes an attempt to say the sentence every time, so she is used to not getting anything until she asks properly. It's easy as a mum to understand their child-speak, and not help them learn the correct way of speaking, but if they can learn water, they can learn please. She used to say it like they were two separate sentences "water" "please" but now she runs words together.

It's funny how we don't hesitate to speak about their latest physical accomplishment (he took some steps today!, she claps her hands!, he can kick a ball!) but when it comes to skills above the shoulders, we think might be bragging, and whatnot. My daughter has developed most physical motor skills "late", except sitting up by herself, which she did from 4.5 mths, but seems to be developing language and above shoulder skills a bit sooner than others her age. I don't brag, Charlotte does that for herself.


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Sherrie - posted on 10/08/2010




@ Fabiola, my daughter is exactly the same she knows certain words and colors and repeats some of them but also have heard her speak Spanish and Chinese! She understands everything in Spanish, i think the words and sentences are comming,slowly but surely.They have "more on their plate" learning 2 or 3 languages, they are all amazing little ANGELS! ALL so diff. but the same in many ways.Now if i could just get my daughter to eat!..=( Sher

Fabiola - posted on 10/08/2010




wow...amazing. i have worked with kids in daycare but have never seen it. out kids both have the same birthday and all mine knows is puppy, nemo, mommy, da, mine, bye, hi, uh-oh, again, damian, ball. nothing compared to your daughter. every child has a different way of learning along with how much time you really spend helping them. mine is learnin enlglish and spanish together and i think she is having a hard time. she know only words in english but if you tell her to do something in either language she understands. every child is different.

Brandy - posted on 10/05/2010




how cute :) you have a little smarty pants! ive worked with kids and alot of them dont start learning that stuff until theyre about 2 1/2-3years old. my jenna is doing pretty good in my opinion, she was 3 months early so shes technically considered 15months developmentally but she tries to sing her abc's with me and she holds up the right amount of fingers when we sing counting songs, she speaks in short sentences and matches colors and shapes and we sing bingo using her name so she spells it and claps out the syllables with me lol i could go on forever. im just so proud of her :)

Kasey - posted on 10/02/2010




Wow! That is impressive! My son was born Feb. 9th & he knows exactly what We say to him, follows directions very well & he talks very well, but he repeats everything, but he isn't saying the alphabet by hisself! You should brag, that's wonderful & means you are doing an awesome job teaching her! Keep up the good work!

Nicole - posted on 10/01/2010




YES my daughter Neneh was born on the 10th feb 09 and yes she is very advanced she knows everything and wants to do everything, she can speak extremely well, she can count and says words together like brush my teeth. She helps me round the house and knows what she wants, its amazing is'nt it? but being aquarian's and born in the chinsese year of the ox it says thay are to be very hard working with persistance and dilligence, industrious and very practical bascically one of the brightest buttons in the box!!!! lucky us heh I must kept her constantly stimulated as she can get board and very frustated when she cannot do something but they are like sponges at this age so I am trying to teach her as much as possible I am so proud, dont think your bragging as i think its great ,enjoy.

Lily - posted on 09/30/2010




Thats amazing, my son is starting to talk in sentences and understand shapes and animals.. She is very intelligent...

Khadijah - posted on 07/15/2010




Wow!! That is very impressive!! My twin girls were born Feb.5, 2009 and they aren't as far along as that. Though twins are usually a little delayed in the talking department, my girls are on schedule so far (thank goodness!) My girls say single words like "shoes, baby, mama, dada, this, eat," etc. They're following directions very well and can say letters A thru D. Your little girl seems to be very advanced. That is truly awesome!!

Jennifer - posted on 07/15/2010




Ha! Thanks for responding ladies. She doesn't write her name though, she spells it out loud. :o) She just seems to absorb information so quickly, I really have to remind myself that she isn't 3 years old, she is not quite yet 1 1/2! I love her, she is such a joy!

Kelina - posted on 07/14/2010




sounds pretty intelligent to me! My son was born Feb 11 and still doens't say anything more than mama and dada and occaisionally up or why? he definitely doesn't say the alphabet or numerbs and even my 6 year old nephew has trouble spelling his name! Sounds like you've got a pretty bright little girl to me! good luck when she gets a little older!

Karmi - posted on 07/14/2010




That is very impressive! I think your daughter is very intelligent for her age. No my son doesn't do that, he will say numbers but not in order. And for your daughter to write her name is beyond impressive! I have worked with many kids in daycares and preschools for 7 years and have never seen it. But their is always that one brilliant child. I think you have a genius on your hands, lol :)

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