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Has your 19 month old been diagnoised? What signs are they showing? Our daughter has not, but we are in the process of doing some deep evaluation.


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I am in the same boat, my daughter just turned 20 months yesterday she doesn't talk at all, she still only baby babbles and she still drinks out of a bottle. I just can't get her to talk or drink out of a sippy cup. She will go hours with out drinking anything and crying untill she gets her bottle back....its extremely frustrating.

Pam - posted on 10/02/2010




Hi Amber,

I also have a 19 month old, she seems to be developing very well. However, my 6 year old daughter has Autism. There were clear signs from the time she was at least 12 months old, maybe even earlier. Lack of eye contact, no pointing, not developing pretend play, not saying words (she still hadn't said ma ma or da da by age 2), not responding to her name, focused on only one part of a toy rather than the purpose or function of the toy, began to line things up, no joint attention (for example, looking to you and then back to the toy as if to share the experience).

We were told by a doctor not to worry until she was 2 and that everyone develops at a different rate. That was bad advise. At 22 months a speech therapist I knew said "don't worry, but don't wait." It was the best advice. We switched to a developmental pediatrician and we contacted early intervention services at that time and started getting evaluations. If she really was just delayed, then there was no harm to it...but if there really was an issue, such as autism, early intervention can make all the difference. My daughter still isn't "typical", but she is communicating now (with pictures and is starting to talk a lot more) and playing more appropriately with toys, she loves math, music, playing on the computer, and reading books. She still gets therapies several times a week and is still learning everyday. She works so hard and is amazing....and no matter what is going on with your daughter, she will be too.

Autism speaks has a video library of toddlers at different ages...those who go on to develop autism and those who don't for comparison. The website is

Good luck, you are not alone. Others have been where you are and there is support. Hopefully all will turn out well and she will come along in her development, but if not she is still your may be a little more challenging, but it can be just as fun to watch her grow and develop.


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I also wanted to say that if you do find out that she's Autistic in the future, not to panic. There are so many therapies that will help out. You're one step ahead by getting her evaluated already.

Take Care!

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Hi Amber,
I'm apologizing in advance for my response being so long.

My 19 month old daughter is not the one I'm concerned about. She's my second child, and she is by far more advanced than my son was at this age. My son was 19 months when she was born, he is now 3 years old. Anyway, I began to get concerned around 18 months or so. I'm going to share my concerns with you to hopefully help you. He didn't talk, he would occasionally walk on his tip toes, he wouldn't point with his index finger. That's all I can think of right now. I shared my concerns with his Pediatrician who referred me to our local Regional Center. I called Regional Center, and shared my concerns with them in hopes to set up an evalutaion. That process took a while. We finally had him evaluated, but they didn't say he was Autistic. They did say he had Speech delays, and had sensory issues. I already knew about the Speech delays, he was tongue tied as well. We began various therapies (Child Development, Speech, Occupational) right after his 2nd Birthday. He had a year of those therapies, and I happy and proud to say that he is doing extremely well. I also had him evaluated a couple months before his 3rd Birthday with a Psychologist. She said I have nothing to worry about. He'll be completely caught up by Kindergarten or 1st grade.

My point is that I think your Daughter may be too young to be diagnosed. She may have some delays, but that doesn't mean she's Autistic. The great thing is that you're on top of it and are having her evaluated.

I have a couple questions for you.
1. What makes you feel she's Autistic?
2. Is she your 1st Child?

I honestly think that the 2nd child has much more advantage seeing an older sibling. I hope I've helped a bit. Hang in there. I know that for me personally, this was tough to even talk about it. I just wanted everything to be okay with my Son. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help.

Best Wishes!


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