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My daughter did not start baby food until about 6.5 months so she is still on stage 2 and will be for at least a few more weeks. I just wanted to know if there are other moms who still be giving stage 2 baby food until at least a year or longer. When do we wean them to stage 3? What happens after stage 3? I am not sure what the feeding is like after they turn one and before they turn 2 since I heard they get started on "table food" at the end of year one (which I am taking that means what we eat).


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Mercedes has been on table food since 6 months, we did baby-led weaning- completely skipped cereal and purees. At first she just got fruit and veggies, now she eats what we eat.

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I know a lot of mom's put their kiddos on table food at different stages - but I'm kind of with you. I'm still feeding her formula in a bottle and stage 2 baby food. We've given her some stage 3 baby food - which is basically the same thing, just a little chunkier. My dr. said we could skip stage 3 and start going right to table food. There isn't much difference if you make it yourself. Our daughter is about 10.5 months with 7 teeth ... and we've JUST started feeding her teething biscuits (I about had a heart attack feeding her the first time, but she was fine! No choking...I just have to relax! haha)... and mooshy banana's... Definitely trust your instincts and feed your lil' one what you're comfortable with. Anything you think they can gum and isn't really processed is what I feel comfortable with for me personally. We're going to try some mashed sweet potatoes this weekend... GOOD LUCK! :)

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Go with your instincts mommy! Your LO is probably ready for stage 3, go ahead and try it and see how she reacts. My pedi told me I can start my LO on table foods at 9 months if I wanted to. Use you best judgement. You can try some mashed potatoes with small pieces of chicken. Cut up bananas or other soft type fruits. Mac & cheese.

My LO is getting at the stage where she wants to feed herself so I just let her. It's messy but this is how they learn. Good luck!

Dawn - posted on 01/08/2010




My son has been completely off baby food for about 2 months and never really liked stage 3. I believe it is recommended to start table foods between 8-12 is good for them to start self-feeding. I do what we eat jsut modified a little for salt/sugar content and to make it easier for him to pck it up....his favorite is toast with toppings like cream cheese, melted cheese, peanut butter, butter and jelly.

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Well my DD hasn't been on any type of baby food since 7-8 months. She eats all table food now. I've never heard of them not being on table food until they are 2, so I dunno about that. She never ate stage 3 food. She went from Stage 2 food to table food and skipped the stage 3.

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