Bottles vs. Sippy Cups

Leah - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is one and since she was 6 months old I have tried to introduce the sippy cup now that shes 13 months old she refuses to even touch a sippy cup much less use it. I have tried doing the whole throw the bottles away infront of her and stick to my guns and "TRY" and make her use the sippy cups and not give her anything else. It didn't work she ended up turning the tables on me and refusing to eat anything solid food or any liquid. I gave her the bottle and she went back to normal! I NEED HELP!!!! If ya'll have any advice I will be very grateful!


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Julianna - posted on 03/05/2010




I've been through several different types of sippy cups for Daphne - squishy silicone sippers, hard plastic, some with handles, some without, short and fat, tall and curvy. What she seems to have settled on for now is a flip-n-sip with Dora on it. We picked that cup because she saw one of her uncles drinking from a bendy straw and had to try it.

Shop around and try different things out. If you have a friend with kids about the same the age you could try borrowing what she uses to save yourself the $5 a cup to try out new things.

I'm for a more gradual approach. Give her the sippy cup with lunch or dinner (whichever is more relaxed) until she's comfy with it and keep the bottle for breakfast and nap and bed.

And rememebr that you're the adult and what you say goes, but you can be sneaky about it all. It may help for her to see you drink from it and to see that it's fun. If you get stressed about the ordeal, she'll get even more stressed. Toddlers have few pre-conceived notions and tend to react to what the adults around them are feeling.

Sterling - posted on 03/04/2010




You know what? Actually throw every bottle away and tell her that if she doesn't want to eat anything else then that's her fault. She'll eventually cave and eat food and drink from a sippy. You just have to stand your ground and not give up (I know it's hard, cause I'm trying to get my son off the bottle and it's working so far; we gave him a sippy when he was five months and we're trying to get him to sleep with it now). Good luck!

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