Daytime Naps every two hours - still!?

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Hi there, just wondering if anyone else's LO takes naps every two hours from waking up? My daughter wakes up at around 6am and then is ready for her first nap 2 hours later. She sleeps about 45 minutes (sometimes longer) and once awake, is ready for her next nap two hours later. I know that I read in Dr. Weisbluth's book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" that this is normal and healthy for an infant but my DD just turned 6 months old. Is this stil "normal"? I'm just following her lead. Her fourth nap is usually around 6:00pm (approx.). I am considering making that her bedtime rather than a 4th nap. I have tried it a few times and each of those times she has chosen to wake up super early (like 4-5am!!!) Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Rylie, born 2/14/09, always takes a nap about 2 hours after waking up in the morning (she's usually up around 8am). She takes 3 catnaps a day, usually only lasting for 30-45 minutes each. I would love for her to take 2 longer naps a day, but you can't force them to sleep or be awake when they don't want to! I say just keep following your daughters lead, her cues tell you what she needs!

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i wish i could help you but im in the same boat my daughter is 7 mths and she still sleeps every two hours but im trying to get rid of at least the 6pm nap so she will go to bed at 8:30 which is her bedtime if you figure something out let me know please


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I think it is best to follow your baby's lead. If she seems to be acting in a way that leads you to believe she is tired, put her down for a nap. My daughter (born 2/27) is working on a 2 hour schedule as well, for the most part. She wakes up at about 7:30am and goes down for a nap at around 10:00am. She wakes at about 11:30pm and then goes down again at about 2:00pm. However, after she wakes at about 3:30pm I don't put her down again. My experience has been that allowing her to sleep past 4:30pm results in a bad night's sleep. She usually goes to bed at about 8:30pm.

What you're describing sounds pretty normal to me. Best of luck!

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I've been reading on sleep training and I just posted to another person about the book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems. Your stories sound just like the one on napping too much and waking too early. It has been a lifesaver for us!

Amy - posted on 09/10/2009




My daughter is almost 7 months and I have followed her lead from day one; only recently have we settled into a true schedule. She sounds similar to your daughter. Her bedtime is 6:00 pm, she wakes at 7am and naps at 8, 11, and 2 for usually around an hour. Some days she will take a nap at 4 also and once in awhile she will wake up around 9pm, midnight and 6am to breastfeed but each time immediately falls back asleep. I worried for a long time that she sleeps too much but know now that this is what she needs and wants, each baby is unique.

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mine does the same thing and he carries it on through the night the last couple of nights he has slept a little but longer, but we have been trying to get him to take longer naps during the day by letting him either fuss a lttle and going in every few minute or even feeding him and puting him back down it seems o be working and he seems to be sleeping in a little better in the mornings as well i know i cant wait until he sleeps like 5 hours again it will be nice to catch up on some much needed sleep good luck and i wouldnt worry

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my little guy hates sleep. he has completely stopped taking his morning nap and doesn't go to sleep until about 1 pm after waking up at about 9 or 10am. this also makes it hard to get him to sleep cuz he is overly tired when it's time for a nap or to go to bed at night. u are all so lucky ur lo sleeps.

Catherine - posted on 08/26/2009




My son is a sleepy boy. He wakse up between 8:00 - 8:30 to eat and goes right back to sleep until 10:30-10:45. He naps from 1:00ish to 2:30ish, then again from 4:00-6:00. He's typically asleep by 8:30. I think all this sleep is normal and healthy - they are going through so many changes at this age!

Jennifer - posted on 08/26/2009




My lo does the same thing. He wants to nap around every 2 hrs. But he goes to bed about 7:30ish and get up around 7:00 am ish. I think this is still okay at 6 mos.- I hope!

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