Does anyone else have issues with explosive diapers??

Adrienne - posted on 12/08/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is just about 22 months old...but ever since his 1st birthday I have been having major issues with his diapers. His bowel movements are NEVER solid... always diarrhea looking. I've taken him to see the doctor numerous times and its seems like they never want to help. I feel bad for the lil guy cause he gets bad diaper rash. Doctors have told me different thinks 1. he's drinking too much milk, so i cut him back on it. 2. its because of new table foods. he has been eating the same foods and me for awhile now. 3. lactose intolerance... Well for one they never ran any tests to prove it. and 2 he LOVES his dairy product and it doesnt upset his stomache or bother him. I would love to start potty training, but it looks like it could be an extremly messy job!


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Carly - posted on 12/28/2010




It's super easy for the doctor to order some stool studies to find out whats going on in there, you just pick up the kit and scrape a little out of that dipe and voila! some answers. Whats digested, whats not, if there is white blood cells (could indicate infection or just inflammation like IBS) or even if there is a parasite or something (you never know with them putting everything in their mouths) it can't hurt to ask for them to run stool studies.

Is he gassy too or just has diarrhea? Is it true watery diarrhea or just soft stool? It could be a gluten intolerance, from grains- that can contribute to yeast infections which cause diaper rash too, especially if its that terrible raw red rash (which is really a yeast infection) My son had a terrible recurring yeasty diaper rash this summer, we had to get a special prescription diaper rash ointment that had an antifungal in it, it was the only thing that worked. He isn't gluten intolerant- but eats a lot of pasta and potato and breads, so my friend the nutritionist said that can contribute. He even gets athletes foot a lot too.

Can you give us a break down of what he's eating?

Bethany - posted on 12/13/2010




Hmm, I'd go with no more than 2 serves of fruit a day, and only juice on some days, at 1:5 with water (20% juice or less). Don't add sugar to anything, and limit food with more than 10% sugar (on the nutrition panel) as a treat occasionally, not each day. You'd be surprised how many snacks have more sugar than this.

Things that I know help to "bind" are pear, banana, veges, wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice, instead of white bread and pasta and white rice. Porrige (oatmeal)

Plenty of plain water to replace al that moisture he's losing.

The closer to the food's original state the better. The less done to it the better. Think about the original food it was and try to eat it as unprocessed as possible. A piece of apple, with skin on, is better than apple juice, and far better than an apple "fruit stick" for example.

I have to be really vigilant with Charlotte's sugar intake. If she has more than a cookie and some juice, for example, in a day, her poo is terribly sticky, and burns holes into her skin like acid. As long as I keep her sugar intake really low, with mostly whole foods, and just the occasional cookie or little baby icypole or little bit of juice, then her poos are lovely little golfballs that barely leave a mark on nappy or bottom. As soon as we go to a birthday party or she has some cake too many days in a row, we both pay. It's just not worth it. All my friends now know to ask me before giving her anything as they know I watch her diet really closely. I keep it nice and plain and simple, as unproceced as possible, and her body appreciates it. I'm using cloth, so if I can just tip a clean little poop into the toilet, instead of dipping and scraping and rinsing (blechhh!) I'll do what ever I need to.

Adrienne - posted on 12/13/2010




Ive actually tried that and adding more fibre. I found that milk itself is one reason and also apple juice. Since ive stopped with apple juice it hasnt been as bad... but its still not where I want it too be. could you imagine trying to take poopy pull ups off?? :s

Stephanie - posted on 12/11/2010




I found vegies hardened up my sons poo. Maybe see a natrapath about his diet it really helped my son. Maybe more fibre in his diet? Just things like that, that would fix you up.

Brooke - posted on 12/10/2010




I have the same problem and for about the same amount of time. I feel like i am always changing diarrhea diapers. Our dr tells us not to worry and to change my sons diet, but nothing seems to help. My son loves apple juice and i thought that was the problem, but ive takin it away all together at times and always water it down and still have the same problems. I feel like everything and anything will irritate his tummy. My son too has lots of diaper rash, but he never acts like all this bothers him. I would love some help too.

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